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1-Jan-2001Superparamagnetism in heterogeneous AgFe thin films - A low energy mu SR studyJackson, TJ; Forgan, EM; Riseman, TM; Gluckler, H; Morenzoni, E; Prokscha, T; Weber, HP; Niedermayer, CH; Pleines, M; Schatz, G; Litterst, J; Luetkens, H; Keller, H; Khasonov, R; Rong, TS; Binns, CJournal Article
1-Sep-2001Synchrotron radiation studies of mass-selected Fe nanoclusters deposited in situBinns, C; Baker, SH; Maher, MJ; Thornton, SC; Louch, S; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article
1-Oct-2008Atomic structure and magnetic moments in cluster-assembled nanocomposite Fe/Cu films (vol 78, art no 014422, 2008)Baker, SH; Asaduzzaman, AM; Roy, M; Gurman, SJ; Binns, C; Blackman, JA; Xie, YJournal Article
1-Oct-2008Magnetic force microscopy of low-coercivity ferromagnetic nanodiscsMironov, VL; Gribkov, BA; Nikitushkin, DS; Gusev, SA; Gaponov, SV; Shubin, AB; Zhdan, PA; Binns, CJournal Article
1-Jan-2001Nanoclusters deposited on surfacesBinns, CJournal Article
1-Aug-2000The construction of a gas aggregation source for the preparation of size-selected nanoscale transition metal clustersBaker, SH; Thornton, SC; Edmonds, KW; Maher, MJ; Norris, C; Binns, CJournal Article
1-Jul-1999Doubling of the orbital magnetic moment in nanoscale Fe clustersEdmonds, KW; Binns, C; Baker, SH; Thornton, SC; Norris, C; Goedkoop, JB; Finazzi, M; Brookes, NBJournal Article
1-Jan-1999Growth, electronic, magnetic and spectroscopic properties of transition metals on graphiteBinns, C; Baker, SH; Demangeat, C; Parlebas, JCJournal Article
15-Mar-1996Morphology of islanded transition-metal films on graphite studied by extreme-UV reflectivityBinns, C; Baker, SH; Keen, AM; Mozley, SN; Norris, C; Derbyshire, HS; Bayliss, SCJournal Article
1-Apr-1997The construction of a gas aggregation source for the preparation of mass-selected ultrasmall metal particlesBaker, SH; Thornton, SC; Keen, AM; Preston, TI; Norris, C; Edmonds, KW; Binns, CJournal Article