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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
23-Jan-2013Electron-driven ionization of large methanol clusters in helium nanodropletsGoulart, Marcelo; Bartl, Peter; Mauracher, Andreas; Zappa, Fabio; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, PaulJournal Article
4-Jun-2010Electron attachment to amino acid clusters in helium nanodroplets: Glycine, alanine, and serineda Silva, F. Ferreira; Denifl, S.; Maerk, T.D.; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, P.Journal Article
27-Jul-2011The submersion of sodium clusters in helium nanodroplets: Identification of the surface -> interior transitionAn der Lan, Lukas; Bartl, Peter; Leidlmair, Christian; Schoebel, Harald; Jochum, Roland; Denifl, Stephan; Maerk, Tilmann D.; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, PaulJournal Article
6-Nov-2009Electron attachment and electron ionization of acetic acid clusters embedded in helium nanodropletsda Silva, F. F.; Jaksch, S.; Martins, G.; Dang, H. M.; Dampc, M.; Denifl, S.; Maerk, T. D.; Limao-Vieira, P.; Liu, J.; Yang, Shengfu; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, P.Journal Article
1-Jun-1999Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of the Ga-N[subscript 2] clusterGreetham, Gregory M.; Hanton, Martin J.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
18-Nov-2002Electronic spectroscopy of the CaCCCH[subscript 3] and SrCCCH[subscript 3] free radicalsCorlett, Gary K.; Patel, Ketan; Wheeler, Martyn D.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
15-Jun-1999Observation of several new electronic transitions of the SrOH free radicalBeardah, Matthew S.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
10-Aug-2016The adsorption of helium atoms on coronene cationsKurzthaler, Thomas; Rasul, Bilal; Kuhn, Martin; Lindinger, Albrecht; Scheier, Paul; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
12-Mar-2012Submersion of potassium clusters in helium nanodropletsLan, L. A. D.; Bartl, P.; Leidlmair, C.; Schoebel, H.; Denifl, S.; Maerk, T. D.; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, P.Journal Article