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1-Jan-2001Superparamagnetism in heterogeneous AgFe thin films - A low energy mu SR studyJackson, TJ; Forgan, EM; Riseman, TM; Gluckler, H; Morenzoni, E; Prokscha, T; Weber, HP; Niedermayer, CH; Pleines, M; Schatz, G; Litterst, J; Luetkens, H; Keller, H; Khasonov, R; Rong, TS; Binns, CJournal Article
1-Sep-2001Synchrotron radiation studies of mass-selected Fe nanoclusters deposited in situBinns, C; Baker, SH; Maher, MJ; Thornton, SC; Louch, S; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article
16-Nov-2006Enhanced elastic interactions between conical quantum dotsGill, Simon P.A.Journal Article
16-Feb-2006Probing the intermixing in In(Ga)As/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots by Raman scatteringIbáñez, J.; Cuscó, R.; Hernández, S.; Artús, L.; Henini, M.; Patanè, A.; Eaves, L.; Roy, Mervyn; Maksym, P.A.Journal Article
21-Sep-2000Space charge in dielectrics: Old theories and new measurementsFothergill, John C.Conference Paper
1-Jan-2000Evolution from gravimetric to viscoelastic response of poly(3-methylthiophene)-loaded acoustic wave resonatorsSkompska, M; Jackson, A; Hillman, ARJournal Article
15-Apr-2001Observation of multicharged excitons and biexcitons in a single InGaAs quantum dotFinley, JJ; Fry, PW; Ashmore, AD; Lemaitre, A; Tartakovskii, AI; Oulton, R; Mowbray, DJ; Skolnick, MS; Hopkinson, M; Buckle, PD; Maksym, PAJournal Article
1-Oct-2004Dielectrics and nanotechnologyDissado, LA; Fothergill, JCJournal Article
1-Feb-2005The impact of low energy proton damage on the operational characteristics of EPIC-MOS CCDs (vol 204, pg 175, 2003)Ambrosi, MR; Smith, DR; Abbey, AF; Hutchinson, IB; Kendziorra, E; Short, A; Holland, A; Turner, MJL; Wells, AJournal Article
10-Apr-2007Spin configuration in the electron molecule in few-electron quantum dots in strong magnetic fields - Superposition of multiple configurationsMaksym, PA; Arjta, R; Aoki, HJournal Article