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20-Dec-1996A self-consistent optical, ultraviolet, and extreme-ultraviolet model for the spectrum of the hot white dwarf G191-B2BLanz, T; Barstow, MA; Hubeny, I; Holberg, JBJournal Article
15-Oct-1996Cis-dichloro(triethylphosphine-P) [tris(2,6-difluorophenyl)phosphite-P]platinum(II)Fawcett, J; Holloway, JH; Hope, EG; Saunders, GC; Atherton, MJJournal Article
21-Oct-1996Influence of swelling phenomena on mobile species transfer during redox switching of [Os(bipy)(2)(PVP)(10)Cl](+) films in mixed solvent electrolytesKelly, DM; Vos, JG; Hillman, ARJournal Article
21-Oct-1996Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance studies of the electropolymerization, electroactivity and complexing properties of poly(1,8-diaminonaphthalene) filmsSkompska, M; Hillman, ARJournal Article
21-Oct-1996Theory for solvent and salt transfer accompanying redox switching of electroactive polymers under permselective and non-permselective conditions .1. Complete redox switchingPater, E; Bruckenstein, S; Hillman, ARJournal Article
20-Nov-1996A Ginga observation of the X-ray pulsar 4U 0352+30Robba, NR; Burderi, L; Wynn, GA; Warwick, RS; Murakami, TJournal Article
21-Oct-1996Electrochemical investigations in supercritical carbon dioxideAbbott, AP; Harper, JCJournal Article
10-Oct-1996Multiwavelength observations of short-timescale variability in NGC 4151 .4. Analysis of multiwavelength continuum variabilityEdelson, RA; Alexander, T; Crenshaw, DM; Kaspi, S; Malkan, MA; Peterson, BM; Warwick, RS; Clavel, J; Filippenko, AV; Horne, K; Korista, KT; Kriss, GA; Krolik, JH; Maoz, D; Nandra, K; OBrien, PT; Penton, SV; Yaqoob, T; Albrecht, P; Alloin, D; Ayres, TR; Balonek, TJ; Barr, P; Barth, AJ; Bertram, R; Bromage, GE; Carini, M; Carone, TE; Cheng, FZ; Chuvaev, KK; Dietrich, M; DultzinHacyan, D; Gaskell, CM; Glass, IS; Goad, MR; Hemar, S; Ho, LC; Huchra, JP; Hutchings, J; Johnson, WN; Kazanas, D; Kollatschny, W; Koratkar, AP; Kovo, O; Laor, A; MacAlpine, GM; Magdziarz, P; Martin, PG; Matheson, T; McCollum, B; Miller, HR; Morris, SL; Oknyanskij, VL; Penfold, J; Perez, E; Perola, GC; Pike, G; Pogge, RW; Ptak, RL; Qian, BC; RecondoGonzalez, MC; Reichert, GA; RodriguezEspinoza, JM; RodriguezPascual, PM; Rokaki, EL; Roland, J; Sadun, AC; Salamanca, I; SantosLleo, M; Shields, JC; Shull, JM; Smith, DA; Smith, SM; Snijders, MAJ; Stirpe, GM; Stoner, RE; Sun, WH; Ulrich, MH; vanGroningen, E; Wagner, RM; Wagner, S; Wanders, I; Welsh, WF; Weymann, RJ; Wilkes, BJ; Wu, H; Wurster, J; Xue, SJ; Zdziarski, AA; Zheng, W; Zou, ZLJournal Article
10-Oct-1996Multiwavelength observations of short-timescale variability in NGC 4151 .3. X-ray and gammma-ray observationsWarwick, RS; Smith, DA; Yaqoob, T; Edelson, R; Johnson, WN; Reichert, GA; Clavel, J; Magdziarz, P; Peterson, BM; Zdziarski, AAJournal Article
10-Oct-1996The disappearing broad absorption lines and variable emission lines in NGC 3516Koratkar, A; Goad, MR; OBrien, PT; Salamanca, I; Wanders, I; Axon, D; Crenshaw, D; Robinson, A; Korista, K; RodriguezPascual, P; Horne, K; Blackwell, J; Carini, M; England, M; Perez, M; Pitts, R; Rawley, L; Reichert, G; Shrader, C; Wamsteker, WJournal Article