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2014Multi-Heuristic Strategy Choice: Response to KruegerColman, Andrew M.; Pulford, Briony D.; Lawrence, C.L.Journal Article
2014Explaining Strategic Coordination: Cognitive Hierarchy Theory, Strong Stackelberg Reasoning, and Team ReasoningColman, Andrew M.; Pulford, Briony D.; Lawrence, Catherine L.Journal Article
16-Jul-2007Ambiguous games: evidence for strategic ambiguity aversionPulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.Article
4-Nov-2009The prostate care questionnaire for patients (PCQ-P): reliability, validity and acceptability.Tarrant, Carolyn; Baker, Richard; Colman, Andrew M.; Sinfield, Paul; Agarwal, Shona; Mellon, John K.; Steward, William; Kockelbergh, RogerJournal Article
30-Jan-2014The outlandish, the realistic, and the real : contextual manipulation and agent role effects in trolley problemsGold, Natalie; Pulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.Journal Article
Nov-1991Psychological Evidence in South African Murder TrialsColman, Andrew M.Article
30-Aug-2004Models of the medical consultation: opportunities and limitations of a game theory perspectiveTarrant, Carolyn Clare; Stokes, Tim; Colman, Andrew M.Article
25-Feb-2014Strong Stackelberg reasoning in symmetric games : An experimental replication and extensionPulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.; Lawrence, Catherine L.Journal Article
Nov-2007Asymmetric dominance and phantom decoy effects in gamesColman, Andrew M.; Pulford, Briony D.; Bolger, FergusArticle
Feb-2008Size Doesn't Really Matter: Ambiguity Aversion in Ellsberg Urns with Few Balls.Pulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.Article