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May-2012An update on the pathogenesis and treatment of IgA nephropathy.Boyd, JK; Cheung, CK; Molyneux, K; Feehally, J; Barratt, JJournal Article
Mar-2011Lack of awareness of kidney complications despite familiarity with diabetes: a multi-ethnic qualitative study.Wilkinson, E; Randhawa, G; Farrington, K; Greenwood, R; Feehally, J; Choi, P; Lightstone, LJournal Article
Jan-2012Chronic kidney disease: Health burden of kidney disease recognized by UN.Feehally, JJournal Article
Jun-2005Treatment and outcome of adult patients with primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in five UK renal units.Stirling, CM; Mathieson, P; Boulton-Jones, JM; Feehally, J; Jayne, D; Murray, HM; Adu, DJournal Article
Jan-2008The third World Kidney Day: looking back and thinking forward.Shah, SV; Feehally, JJournal Article
1-Oct-2003Anti-glomerular basement membrane diseasePusey, CD; Harrington, JT; Dasgupta, I; Feehally, J; Rees, A; Hughes, J; Singh, A; Savage, C; Salama, A; Winearls, C; Tomson, C; Mathieson, P; Oliveira, D; Nelson, WJournal Article
Jun-2006Treatment of IgA nephropathy.Barratt, J; Feehally, JJournal Article
Feb-2001Turnover of human tubular cells exposed to proteins in vivo and in vitro.Burton, CJ; Harper, SJ; Bailey, E; Feehally, J; Harris, KP; Walls, JJournal Article
2001Apoptosis in post-streptococcal glomerulonephritisSavill, J; Madias, NE; Gilbert, R; Naish, P; Feehally, J; Venning, M; Turner, N; Brenchly, P; Grünfeld, J-P; O'Donoghue, D; Kalra, P; Smith, RJournal Article
Jul-2005Ethnicity and renal disease.Feehally, JJournal Article