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Sep-2004Does carotid endarterectomy lead to a decline in cognitive function or health related quality of life?Lloyd, AJ; Hayes, PD; London, NJM; Bell, PRF; Naylor, AR; Lloyd, AJJournal Article
Feb-2012The war against error: A 15 year experience of completion angioscopy following carotid endarterectomySharpe, R; Sayers, RD; McCarthy, MJ; Dennis, M; London, NJM; Nasim, A; Bown, MJ; Naylor, ARJournal Article
1998Results of surgery and angioplasty for the treatment of chronic severe lower limb ischaemiaVarty, K; Nydahl, S; Nasim, A; Bolia, A; Bell, PRF; London, NJMJournal Article
1996Technical report: Recanalisation of all three infrapopliteal arteries by subintimal angioplastyNydahl, S; London, NJM; Bolia, AJournal Article
1997Regarding 'Hemodynamic and clinical improvement after superficial vein ablation in primary combined venous insufficiency with ulceration' [2]Scriven, JM; London, NJM; Padberg, FTJournal Article
Jan-2004Free Flap Neovascularization: Myth or Reality?Kumar, K; Kumar, K; Jaffe, W; London, NJM; Varma, SKJournal Article
Oct-2010Is there an association between angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) genotypes and abdominal aortic aneurysm?Obukofe, B; Sayers, RD; Sandford, RM; London, NJM; Samani, NJ; Bown, MJ; Thompson, JJournal Article
Jul-2012Disease specific biomarkers of abdominal aortic aneurysms detected by surface enhanced laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometryEhsan, S; Choke, E; London, NJM; Herbert, KE; Sayers, RD; Bown, MJ; Molyneux, KM; Barratt, J; Ball, GJournal Article
Feb-2005A comparison of six statins on the development of intimal hyperplasia in a human vein culture modelCorpataux, J-M; Naik, J; Porter, KE; London, NJMJournal Article
Dec-2006An "All-Comers" Venous Duplex Scan Policy for Patients with Lower Limb Varicose Veins Attending a One-stop Vascular Clinic: Is It Justified?Makris, SA; Karkos, CD; Awad, S; London, NJMJournal Article