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1-Feb-2013The role of toll-like receptor 9 on B-cell activating factor expression and function in normal human B-cellsAbu-rish, Eman Yousuf AliThesis
1-May-2013The effects of methyl-donor deficiency on mutation induction and transgenerational instability in miceVoutounou, MarielThesis
23-Dec-2012Beliefs in being unlucky and deficits in executive functioningMaltby, John; Day, Liz; Pinto, Diana G; Hogan, Rebecca A.; Wood, Alex M.Journal Article
29-Nov-2012Cloning and characterization of a P2X receptor expressed in the central nervous system of Lymnaea stagnalisBavan, Selvan; Straub, Volko A.; Webb, Tania E.; Ennion, Steven J.Journal Article
31-Dec-2012Interaction of the transactivation domain of B-Myb with the TAZ2 domain of the coactivator p300: molecular features and properties of the complex.Oka, Ojore; Waters, Lorna C.; Strong, Sarah L.; Dosanjh, Nuvjeevan S.; Veverka, Vaclav; Muskett, Frederick W.; Renshaw, Philip S.; Klempnauer, Karl-Heinz; Carr, Mark D.Journal Article
15-Feb-2013Endoplasmic reticulum membrane reorganization is regulated by ionic homeostasis.Varadarajan, Shankar; Tanaka, Kayoko; Smalley, Joshua L.; Bampton, Edward T.W.; Pellecchia, Maurizio; Dinsdale, David; Willars, Gary B.; Cohen, Gerald M.Journal Article
23-Jan-2013Multi-Centre Observational Study of Transplacental Transmission of Influenza Antibodies following Vaccination with AS03(A)-Adjuvanted H1N1 2009 VaccinePuleston, Richard; Bugg, George; Hoschler, Katja; Konje, Justin; Thornton, James; Stephenson, Iain; Myles, Puja; Enstone, Joanne; Augustine, Glenda; Davis, Yvette; Zambon, Maria; Nicholson, Karl; Nguyen-Van-Tam, JonathanJournal Article
16-Feb-2012Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel Loci Associated with Circulating Phospho- and Sphingolipid ConcentrationsDemirkan, Ayse; van Duijn, Cornelia M.; Ugocsai, Peter; Isaacs, Aaron; Pramstaller, Peter P.; Liebisch, Gerhard; Wilson, James F.; Johansson, Asa; Rudan, Igor; Aulchenko, Yurii S.; Kirichenko, Anatoly V.; Janssens, A. Cecile J.W.; Jansen, Ritsert C.; Gnewuch, Carsten; Domingues, Francisco S.; Pattaro, Cristian; Wild, Sarah H.; Jonasson, Inger; Polasek, Ozren; Zorkoltseva, Irina V.; Hofman, Albert; Karssen, Lennart C.; Struchalin, Maksim; Floyd, James; Igl, Wilmar; Biloglav, Zrinka; Broer, Linda; Pfeufer, Arne; Pichler, Irene; Campbell, Susan; Zaboli, Ghazal; Kolcic, Ivana; Rivadeneira, Fernando; Huffman, Jennifer; Hastie, Nicholas D.; Uitterlinden, Andre; Franke, Lude; Franklin, Christopher S.; Vitart, Veronique; DIAGRAM Consortium; Nelson, Christopher P.; Preuss, Michael; CARDIoGRAM Consortium; Bis, Joshua C.; O'Donnell, Christopher J.; Franceschini, Nora; CHARGE Consortium; Witteman, Jacqueline C.M.; Axenovich, Tatiana; Oostra, Ben A.; Meitinger, Thomas; Hicks, Andrew A.; Hayward, Caroline; Wright, Alan F.; Gyllensten, Ulf; Campbell, Harry; Schmitz, GerdJournal Article
2004Anxiety in Adolescents with High Functioning AutismMcGovern, ZoƫThesis
1-Mar-2013The Dose and Dose-Rate Effects of Paternal Irradiation on Transgenerational Instability in MiceMughal, Safeer KamilThesis