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Aug-2006Chemokine concentrations and mast cell chemotactic activity in BAL fluid in patients with eosinophilic bronchitis and asthma, and in normal control subjects.Woodman, L; Sutcliffe, A; Kaur, D; Berry, M; Bradding, P; Pavord, ID; Brightling, CEJournal Article
Dec-2004The influence of age on induced sputum differential cell counts in normal subjects.Thomas, RA; Green, RH; Brightling, CE; Birring, SS; Parker, D; Wardlaw, AJ; Pavord, IDJournal Article
May-2005Observational study of the natural history of eosinophilic bronchitis.Berry, MA; Hargadon, B; McKenna, S; Shaw, D; Green, RH; Brightling, CE; Wardlaw, AJ; Pavord, IDJournal Article
Sep-2005The use of exhaled nitric oxide concentration to identify eosinophilic airway inflammation: an observational study in adults with asthma.Berry, MA; Shaw, DE; Green, RH; Brightling, CE; Wardlaw, AJ; Pavord, IDJournal Article
Jul-2010Eosinophil protein in airway macrophages: a novel biomarker of eosinophilic inflammation in patients with asthma.Kulkarni, NS; Hollins, F; Sutcliffe, A; Saunders, R; Shah, S; Siddiqui, S; Gupta, S; Haldar, P; Green, R; Pavord, I; Wardlaw, A; Brightling, CEJournal Article
Feb-2009Fibrocyte localization to the airway smooth muscle is a feature of asthma.Saunders, R; Siddiqui, S; Kaur, D; Doe, C; Sutcliffe, A; Hollins, F; Bradding, P; Wardlaw, A; Brightling, CEJournal Article
Oct-2010Ciliary dysfunction and ultrastructural abnormalities are features of severe asthma.Thomas, B; Rutman, A; Hirst, RA; Haldar, P; Wardlaw, AJ; Bankart, J; Brightling, CE; O'Callaghan, CJournal Article
16-Feb-2006Evidence of a role of tumor necrosis factor alpha in refractory asthma.Berry, MA; Hargadon, B; Shelley, M; Parker, D; Shaw, DE; Green, RH; Bradding, P; Brightling, CE; Wardlaw, AJ; Pavord, IDJournal Article
Apr-2010Mannitol and AMP do not induce bronchoconstriction in eosinophilic bronchitis: further evidence for dissociation between airway inflammation and bronchial hyperresponsiveness.Singapuri, A; McKenna, S; Brightling, CE; Bradding, PJournal Article
Sep-2010Refractory asthma in the UK: cross-sectional findings from a UK multicentre registry.Heaney, LG; Brightling, CE; Menzies-Gow, A; Stevenson, M; Niven, RM; British Thoracic Society Difficult Asthma NetworkJournal Article