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18-Dec-2018A multinational observational study assessing insulin use: Understanding the determinants associated with progression of therapy.Ray, KK; Kendall, DM; Zhao, Z; Peng, X; Caballero, AE; Polonsky, WH; Nordstrom, BL; Fan, L; Curtis, BH; Davies, MJJournal Article
24-May-2019Glycaemic benefit of iGlarLixi in insulin-naive type 2 diabetes patients with high HbA1c or those with inadequate glycaemic control on two oral antihyperglycaemic drugs in the LixiLan-O randomized trial.Davies, MJ; Russell-Jones, D; Barber, TM; Lavalle-González, FJ; Galstyan, GR; Zhu, D; Baxter, M; Dessapt-Baradez, C; McCrimmon, RJJournal Article
31-May-2018Elevated Levels of Alpha Cells Emanating from the Pancreatic Ducts of a Patient with a Low BMI and Chronic Pancreatitis.Webb, MA; Chen, JJ; James, RFL; Davies, MJ; Dennison, ARJournal Article
30-Mar-2019Rationale, design and study protocol of the randomised controlled trial: Diabetes Interventional Assessment of Slimming or Training tO Lessen Inconspicuous Cardiovascular Dysfunction (the DIASTOLIC study).Gulsin, GS; Brady, EM; Swarbrick, DJ; Athithan, L; Henson, J; Baldry, E; McAdam, J; Marsh, A-M; Parke, KS; Wormleighton, JV; Levelt, E; Yates, T; Bodicoat, D; Khunti, K; Davies, MJ; McCann, GPJournal Article
12-Dec-2018Baby Steps - a structured group education programme with accompanying mobile web application designed to promote physical activity in women with a history of gestational diabetes: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Sukumar, N; Dallosso, H; Saravanan, P; Yates, T; Telling, C; Shorthose, K; Northern, A; Schreder, S; Brough, C; Gray, LJ; Davies, MJ; Khunti, KJournal Article
2019Health inequalities in heart failure: A population-based study of 20-year trends in cause-specific outcomes by gender, socioeconomic status and location of careLawson, C; Zaccardi, F; Squire, I; Davies, MJ; Lam, C; Mamas, M; Khunti, K; Kadam, UJournal Article
19-Jun-2019Improved treatment satisfaction in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with once-weekly semaglutide in the SUSTAIN trials.Jendle, J; Birkenfeld, AL; Polonsky, WH; Silver, R; Uusinarkaus, K; Hansen, T; Håkan-Bloch, J; Tadayon, S; Davies, MJJournal Article
5-Jun-2019Incorporating and interpreting regulatory guidance on estimands in diabetes clinical trials: The PIONEER 1 randomized clinical trial as an example.Aroda, VR; Saugstrup, T; Buse, JB; Donsmark, M; Zacho, J; Davies, MJJournal Article
Nov-2018Structured lifestyle education to support weight loss for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and first episode psychosis: the STEPWISE RCT.Holt, RI; Hind, D; Gossage-Worrall, R; Bradburn, MJ; Saxon, D; McCrone, P; Morris, TA; Etherington, A; Shiers, D; Barnard, K; Swaby, L; Edwardson, C; Carey, ME; Davies, MJ; Dickens, CM; Doherty, Y; French, P; Greenwood, KE; Kalidindi, S; Khunti, K; Laugharne, R; Pendlebury, J; Rathod, S; Siddiqi, N; Wright, S; Waller, G; Gaughran, F; Barnett, J; Northern, AJournal Article