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Sep-2012Evaluating tools to support a new practical classification of diabetes: Excellent control may represent misdiagnosis and omission from disease registers is associated with worse controlHassan Sadek N; Sadek, A-R; Tahir, A; Desombre, T; De Lusignan S; Khunti, KJournal Article
22-Sep-2012Implementation of the automated Leicester Practice Risk Score in two diabetes prevention trials provides a high yield of people with abnormal glucose tolerance.Gray, LJ; Khunti, K; Edwardson, C; Goldby, S; Henson, J; Morris, DH; Sheppard, D; Webb, D; Williams, S; Yates, T; Davies, MJJournal Article
Sep-2012A comparison of cost per case detected of screening strategies for Type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation: Modelling studyKhunti, K; Gillies, CL; Taub, NA; Hiles, SL; Abrams, KR; Mostafa, SA; Davies, MJJournal Article
22-Sep-2012Association of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and all cause mortality in people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: Retrospective cohort studyVamos, EP; Harris, M; Millett, C; Pape, UJ; Majeed, A; Khunti, K; Curcin, V; Molokhia, MJournal Article
2012Balancing risk in ophthalmic prescribing: assessing the safety of anti-VEGF therapies and the risks associated with unlicensed medicinesKaiser, PK; Cruess, AF; Bogaert, P; Khunti, K; Kelly, SPJournal Article
May-2012Women develop type 2 diabetes at a higher body mass index than menPaul, S; Thomas, G; Klein, K; Majeed, A; Khunti, KJournal Article
Jun-2012Quality of secondary prevention measures in TIA patients: A retrospective cohort studyLager, KE; Wilson, A; Khunti, K; Mistri, AKJournal Article
Aug-2012Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease using validated risk scores: A systematic review.Willis, A; Davies, M; Yates, T; Khunti, KJournal Article
25-Jul-2012The safety and efficacy of adding once-daily insulin detemir to oral hypoglycaemic agents in patients with type 2 diabetes in a clinical practice setting in 10 countries.Khunti, K; Caputo, S; Damci, T; Dzida, GJ; Ji, Q; Kaiser, M; Karnieli, E; Liebl, A; Ligthelm, RJ; Nazeri, A; Orozco-Beltran, D; Pan, C; Ross, SA; Svendsen, AL; Vora, J; Yale, JF; Meneghini, LF; on behalf of the SOLVE Study GroupJournal Article
23-Jul-2012Does early intensive multifactorial treatment reduce total cardiovascular burden in individuals with screen-detected diabetes? Findings from the ADDITION-Europe cluster-randomized trial.Simmons, RK; Sharp, SJ; Sandbaek, A; Borch-Johnsen, K; Davies, MJ; Khunti, K; Lauritzen, T; Rutten, GE; van den Donk M; Wareham, NJ; Griffin, SJJournal Article