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28-Jul-2016Association Between Lifestyle Factors and the Incidence of Multimorbidity in an Older English PopulationDhalwani, Nafeesa N.; Zaccardi, Francesco; O'Donovan, Gary; Carter, Patrice; Hamer, Mark; Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
6-Aug-2016A community faith centre based screening and educational intervention to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes: A feasibility study.Willis, A.; Roshan, M.; Patel, N.; Gray, Laura J.; Yates, T.; Davies, Melanie; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
8-Jun-2017Fitness Moderates Glycemic Responses to Sitting and Light Activity BreaksMcCarthy, Matthew; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Davies, Melanie J.; Henson, Joseph; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Dunstan, David W.; King, James A.; Yates, ThomasJournal Article
23-May-2017Breaking up sedentary time with seated upper body activity can regulate metabolic health in obese high-risk adults: A randomized crossover trialMcCarthy, Matthew; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Davies, Melanie J.; Henson, Joseph; Rowlands, Alex; King, James A.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Yates, ThomasJournal Article
Apr-2014Diabetes prevention in the real world: effectiveness of pragmatic lifestyle interventions for the prevention of type 2 diabetes and of the impact of adherence to guideline recommendations: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Dunkley, Alison J.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Greaves, Colin J.; Russell, Claire; Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
1-May-2017Management of lipid-lowering therapy in patients with cardiovascular events in the UK: a retrospective cohort studyDanese, Mark D.; Gleeson, Michelle; Kutikova, Lucie; Griffiths, Robert I.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Seshasai, Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally; Ray, Kausik K.Journal Article
19-Oct-2016Walking Away from Type 2 Diabetes: a cluster randomised controlled trialYates, Thomas; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Henson, Joseph; Gray, Laura J.; Ashra, Nuzhat B.; Troughton, Jacqui; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, MelanieJournal Article
17-Mar-2017Predicting hospital stay, mortality and readmission in people admitted for hypoglycaemia: prognostic models derivation and validation.Zaccardi, Francesco; Webb, David R.; Davies, Melanie J.; Dhalwani, Nafeesa N.; Gray, Laura J.; Chatterjee, Sudesna; Housley, Gemma; Shaw, Dominick; Hatton, James W.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
2-Oct-2017Accelerometer-assessed Physical Activity in Epidemiology: Are Monitors Equivalent?Rowlands, Alex V.; Mirkes, Evgeny M.; Yates, Tom; Clemes, Stacey; Davies, Melanie; Khunti, Kamlesh; Edwardson, Charlotte L.Journal Article
21-Aug-2017Association of walking pace and handgrip strength with all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortality: A UK Biobank observational studyYates, Thomas E.; Zaccardi, Francesco; Dhalwani, Nafeesa N.; Davies, Melanie J.; Bakrania, Kishan; Celis-Morales, Carlos A.; Gill, Jason M. R.; Franks, Paul W.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article