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1-Sep-2000Estimating normal and pathological dynamic responses in cerebral blood flow velocity to step changes in end-tidal pCO(2)Simpson, DM; Panerai, RB; Evans, DH; Garnham, J; Naylor, AR; Bell, PRFJournal Article
1998Randomized study of carotid angioplasty and stenting versus carotid endarterectomy: A stopped trialNaylor, AR; Bolia, A; Abbott, RJ; Pye, IF; Smith, J; Lennard, N; Lloyd, AJ; London, NJM; Bell, PRFJournal Article
1997Prevention of postoperative thrombotic stroke after carotid endarterectomy: The role of transcranial Doppler ultrasoundLennard, N; Smith, J; Dumville, J; Abbott, R; Evans, DH; London, NJM; Bell, PRF; Naylor, ARJournal Article
1996Differentiation between emboli and artefacts using dual-gated transcranial Doppler ultrasoundSmith, JL; Bell, PRF; Naylor, AR; Evans, DH; Fan, L; Smith, JLJournal Article
Sep-1998Time domain analysis of embolic signals can be used in place of high- resolution Wigner analysis when classifying gaseous and particulate emboliSmith, JL; Bell, PRF; Naylor, AR; Evans, DHJournal Article
1998The increasing workload required to maintain infrainguinal bypass graft patencyLoftus, IM; Reid, A; Thompson, MM; London, NJM; Bell, PRF; Naylor, ARJournal Article
1999Angiogenesis and the atherosclerotic carotid plaque: An association between symptomatology and plaque morphologyMcCarthy, MJ; Loftus, IM; Thompson, MM; Jones, L; London, NJM; Bell, PRF; Naylor, AR; Brindle, NPJJournal Article
1997Microembolization during endovascular and conventional aneurysm repairThompson, MM; Smith, J; Naylor, AR; Nasim, A; Sayers, RD; Boyle, JR; Thompson, J; Tinkler, K; Evans, D; Smith, G; Bell, PRFJournal Article
3-May-1997Carotid and vertebral artery transluminal angioplasty studyNaylor, AR; London, NJM; Bell, PRFJournal Article
1998Clinical and haemodynamic investigation into the role of calf perforating vein surgery in patients with venous ulceration and deep venous incompetenceScriven, JM; Bianchi, V; Hartshome, T; Bell, PRF; Naylor, AR; London, NJMJournal Article