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Mar-2002Pirfenidone inhibits early myointimal proliferation but has no effect on late lesion size in rats.Waller, JR; Murphy, GJ; Bicknell, GR; Sandford, R; Margolin, SB; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Dec-2001Cytokines and inflammatory pathways in the pathogenesis of multiple organ failure following abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.Bown, MJ; Nicholson, ML; Bell, PR; Sayers, RDJournal Article
May-2002Autogeneous elbow fistulas: the effect of diabetes mellitus on maturation, patency, and complication rates.Murphy, GJ; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-May-2003Rapamycin inhibits vascular remodeling in an experimental model of allograft vasculopathy and attenuates associated changes in fibrosis-associated gene expressionMurphy, GJ; Bicknell, GR; Nicholson, ML; Murphy, GJJournal Article
Dec-2004Obtaining explicit consent for the use of archival tissue samples: Practical issuesFurness, PN; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Dec-2003Rapamycin has no effect on fibrosis-associated gene expression or extracellular matrix accumulation when administered to animals with established or early allograft vasculopathy.Murphy, GJ; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Mar-2003The systemic inflammatory response syndrome, organ failure, and mortality after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.Bown, MJ; Nicholson, ML; Bell, PR; Sayers, RDJournal Article
Aug-2008Arteriovenous fistula formation using transposed basilic vein: extensive single centre experience.Harper, SJ; Goncalves, I; Doughman, T; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-Oct-2001Genito-femoral nerve entrapment: a complication of stapling the ureter during laparoscopic live donor nephrectomySandford, R; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jan-2009The great saphenous vein for central venous access and haemodialysis.Yates, PJ; Barlow, AD; Johari, Y; Doughman, T; Nicholson, MLJournal Article