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Dec-2006Cerebral critical closing pressure estimation from Finapres and arterial blood pressure measurements in the aorta.Panerai, RB; Sammons, EL; Smith, SM; Rathbone, WE; Bentley, S; Potter, JF; Evans, DH; Samani, NJJournal Article
Jul-2007Influence of noninvasive peripheral arterial blood pressure measurements on assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation.Sammons, EL; Samani, NJ; Smith, SM; Rathbone, WE; Bentley, S; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Feb-2004Influence of controlled breathing patterns on cerebrovascular autoregulation and cardiac baroreceptor sensitivity.Eames, PJ; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Jan-2008Influence of non-invasive measurements of arterial blood pressure in frequency and time-domain estimates of cardiac baroreflex sensitivity.Smith, SM; Samani, NJ; Sammons, EL; Rathbone, WE; Potter, JF; Bentley, S; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Sep-2009Long-term changes in dynamic cerebral autoregulation: a 10 years follow up study.Brodie, FG; Panerai, RB; Foster, S; Evans, DH; Robinson, TGJournal Article
May-2011Measurement of cerebral blood flow responses to the thigh cuff maneuver: a comparison of TCD with a novel MRI method.Saeed, NP; Horsfield, MA; Panerai, RB; Mistri, AK; Robinson, TGJournal Article
Jan-2004Neural network modelling of dynamic cerebral autoregulation: Assessment and comparison with established methodsPanerai, RB; Evans, DH; Chacon, M; Pereira, RJournal Article
Mar-2009Reliability of dynamic cerebral autoregulation measurement using spontaneous fluctuations in blood pressure.Brodie, FG; Atkins, ER; Robinson, TG; Panerai, RBJournal Article
2003Serial changes in static and dynamic cerebral autoregulation after acute ischaemic strokeDawson, SL; Potter, JF; Panerai, RB; Potter, JFJournal Article
Dec-2010Spontaneous fluctuations in cerebral blood flow regulation: contribution of PaCO2.Panerai, RB; Dineen, NE; Brodie, FG; Robinson, TGJournal Article