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2003A Bayesian approach to Markov modelling in cost-effectiveness analyses: Application to taxane use in advanced breast cancerCooper, NJ; Abrams, KR; Sutton, AJ; Turner, D; Lambert, PCJournal Article
Jan-2005A Bayesian approach to evaluating net clinical benefit allowed for parameter uncertainty.Sutton, AJ; Cooper, NJ; Abrams, KR; Lambert, PC; Jones, DRJournal Article
Oct-2008Contour-enhanced meta-analysis funnel plots help distinguish publication bias from other causes of asymmetry.Peters, JL; Sutton, AJ; Jones, DR; Abrams, KR; Rushton, LJournal Article
2002A comparison of summary patient-level covariates in meta-regression with individual patient data meta-analysisLambert, PC; Sutton, AJ; Abrams, KR; Jones, DRJournal Article
1-Oct-2002Generalized synthesis of evidence and the threat of dissemination bias: The example of electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (EFM)Sutton, AJ; Abrams, KR; Jones, DRJournal Article
Jan-2003Use of Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to model cost-of-illness dataCooper, NJ; Sutton, AJ; Mugford, M; Abrams, KRJournal Article
22-Apr-2003Reporting of prognostic markers: current problems and development of guidelines for evidence-based practice in the future.Riley, RD; Abrams, KR; Sutton, AJ; Lambert, PC; Jones, DR; Heney, D; Burchill, SAJournal Article
Jan-2003A systematic review of molecular and biological markers in tumours of the Ewing's sarcoma familyRiley, RD; Abrams, KR; Sutton, AJ; Jones, DR; Lambert, PC; Young, B; Burchill, SA; Heney, D; Wailoo, AJ; Lewis, IJJournal Article
1-Jan-2004A Systematic Review of Molecular and Biological Tumor Markers in NeuroblastomaRiley, RD; Jones, DR; Sutton, AJ; Lambert, PC; Abrams, KR; Heney, D; Young, B; Wailoo, AJ; Burchill, SA; Riley, RDJournal Article
13-Feb-2006The cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination of healthy adults 50-64 years of age.Turner, DA; Wailoo, AJ; Cooper, NJ; Sutton, AJ; Abrams, KR; Nicholson, KGJournal Article