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1-Mar-2005Blood pressure and outcomes in clinical trialsWilliams, B; Lacy, PSJournal Article
Sep-2006Mechanical stretch has contrasting effects on mediator release from bronchial epithelial cells, with a rho-kinase-dependent component to the mechanotransduction pathway.Thomas, RA; Norman, JC; Huynh, TT; Williams, B; Bolton, SJ; Wardlaw, AJJournal Article
Aug-2009Albuminuria and kidney function independently predict cardiovascular and renal outcomes in diabetesNinomiya, T; Perkovic, V; De Galan BE; Zoungas, S; Pillai, A; Jardine, M; Patel, A; Cass, A; Neal, B; Woodward, M; MacMahon, S; Chalmers, J; De Galan BE; Poulter, N; Mogensen, C-E; Cooper, M; Marre, M; Williams, B; Hamet, P; Mancia, G; Woodward, MJournal Article
1-Apr-2005Alternatives to prison: Options for an insecure societyWilliams, BJournal Article
Sep-2009Antihypertensive efficacy of telmisartan vs ramipril over the 24-h dosing period, including the critical early morning hours: a pooled analysis of the PRISMA I and II randomized trials.Williams, B; Lacourcière, Y; Schumacher, H; Gosse, P; Neutel, JMJournal Article
20-Jan-2003Galectin 1 inhibits incorporation of vitronectin and chondroitin sulfate B into the extracellular matrix of human vascular smooth muscle cellsMoiseeva, EP; Williams, B; Samani, NJJournal Article
1-Feb-2003Better blood pressure control: How to combine drugsBrown, MJ; Cruickshank, JK; Dominiczak, AF; MacGregor, GA; Poulter, NR; Thom, S; Russell, GI; Williams, BJournal Article
Nov-2008Blood leucocyte telomere DNA content predicts vascular telomere DNA content in humans with and without vascular diseaseWilson, WRW; Herbert, KE; Mistry, Y; Stevens, SE; Patel, HR; Hastings, RA; Williams, B; Thompson, MMJournal Article
Aug-2009Blood pressure variables and cardiovascular risk: New findings from advanceKengne, A-P; Czernichow, S; Huxley, R; Woodward, M; Neal, B; Zoungas, S; Chalmers, J; Czernichow, S; Grobbee, D; Woodward, M; Zoungas, S; Cooper, M; Glasziou, P; Hamet, P; Harrap, SB; Mancia, G; Poulter, N; Williams, BJournal Article
13-Mar-2004British Hypertension Society guidelines for hypertension management 2004 (BHS-IV): summary.Williams, B; Poulter, NR; Brown, MJ; Davis, M; McInnes, GT; Potter, JF; Sever, PS; Thom, SM; BHS guidelines working party; for the British Hypertension SocietyJournal Article