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May-2006Cell and tissue responses of a range of Urotensin II analogs at cloned and native urotensin II receptors. Evidence for coupling promiscuity.Song, W; McDonald, J; Camarda, V; Calo, G; Guerrini, R; Marzola, E; Thompson, JP; Rowbotham, DJ; Lambert, DGJournal Article
May-2005Characterization and comparison of recombinant human and rat TRPV1 receptors: effects of exo- and endocannabinoids.Lam, PM; McDonald, J; Lambert, DGJournal Article
1-Dec-2002Interaction of intravenous anesthetics with recombinant human M1-M3 muscarinic receptors expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cellsHirota, K; Hashimoto, Y; Lambert, DGJournal Article
1-Dec-2001Orexin A and B evoke noradrenaline release from rat cerebrocortical slicesHirota, K; Kushikata, T; Kudo, M; Kudo, T; Lambert, DG; Matsuki, AJournal Article
7-Nov-2003Orexinergic neurons and barbiturate anesthesiaKushikata, T; Hirota, K; Yoshida, H; Kudo, M; Matsuki, A; Lambert, DG; Smart, D; Jerman, JCJournal Article
1-Sep-2003Characterization of nociceptin/orphanin FQ binding sites in dog brain membranesJohnson, EE; Gibson, H; Nicol, B; Zanzinger, J; Widdowson, P; Hawthorn, M; Toth, G; Farkas, J; Guerrini, R; Lambert, DGJournal Article
1-Mar-2002Characterisation of the non-peptide nociceptin receptor agonist, Ro64-6198 in Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing recombinant human nociceptin receptorsHashiba, E; Lambert, DG; Jenck, F; Wichmann, J; Smith, GJournal Article
2-Aug-2002Comparison of the binding of [H]nociceptin/orphaninFQ(1-13)NH, [H]nociceptin/orphaninFQ(1-17)OH and [I]Tyrnociceptin/orphaninFQ(1-17)OH to recombinant human and native rat cerebrocortical nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptorsHashiba, E; Lambert, DG; Smith, G; Farkas, J; Toth, GJournal Article
Jan-2006In vitro and in vivo pharmacological characterization of the novel UT receptor ligand [Pen5,DTrp7,Dab8]urotensin II(4-11) (UFP-803).Camarda, V; Spagnol, M; Song, W; Vergura, R; Roth, AL; Thompson, JP; Rowbotham, DJ; Guerrini, R; Marzola, E; Salvadori, S; Cavanni, P; Regoli, D; Douglas, SA; Lambert, DG; Calò, GJournal Article
17-Apr-2003Lack of an interaction between orexinergic and opioid/nociceptinergic systems in rat cerebrocortical slicesHirota, K; Kushikata, T; Kudo, M; Ohkawa, H; Kudo, T; Matsuki, A; Lambert, DG; Smart, DJournal Article