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2001Thiamin auxotrophy in yeast through altered cofactor dependence of the enzyme acetohydroxyacid synthaseByrne, K.L.; Meacock, P.A.Article
2001Song production in auditory mutants of Drosophila: the role of sensory feedback.Tauber, E.; Eberl, D.F.Article
21-Jul-2001Survival of trauma patients who have prehospital tracheal intubation without anaesthesia or muscle relaxants: observational study.Lockey, David; Davies, Gareth; Coats, Tim J.Article
2001How strong are familiarity preferences in shoaling fish?Barber, I.; Wright, H.A.Article
2001Parents accounts of obtaining a diagnosis of childhood cancer.Dixon-Woods, Mary; Findlay, M.; Young, Bridget; Cox, H.; Heney, DavidArticle
2001District nurse-led beds: An alternative to care at homeSheppardson, B.; Phelps, Kay; Turner, David A.; Barrett, A.; Wileman, C.Article
2001Prevalence of pervasive developmental disorders in the British nationwide survey of child mental health.Fombonne, E.; Simmons, H.; Ford, T.; Meltzer, Howard; Goodman, RobertArticle
2001Patterns of Onset of Disability in Activities of Daily Living with Age.Jagger, Carol; Arthur, Antony J.; Spiers, Nicola A.; Clarke, M.Article
2001Gibbs-sampling based segregation analysis of asthma-associated quantitative traits in a population-based sample of nuclear familiesPalmer, Lyle J.; Cookson, W.O.C.M.; James, Alan L.; Musk, A.W.; Burton, Paul R.Article
2001Scan-Rescan Variation of Measures Derived from Brain Magnetization Transfer Ratio Histograms Obtained in Healthy Volunteers by Use of a Semi-interleaved Magnetization Transfer SequenceInglese, Matilde; Horsfield, Mark A.; Filippi, MassimoArticle