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15-Apr-2004Chaotic electron diffusion through stochastic webs enhances current flow in superlattices.Fromhold, TM; Patanè, A; Bujkiewicz, S; Wilkinson, PB; Fowler, D; Sherwood, D; Stapleton, SP; Krokhin, AA; Eaves, L; Henini, M; Sankeshwar, NS; Sheard, FWJournal Article
Sep-2006Biobanks, bioethics and concepts of donated blood in the UK.Busby, HJournal Article
21-Mar-2003Creation of solitons and vortices by Bragg reflection of Bose-Einstein condensates in an optical latticeScott, RG; Martin, AM; Fromhold, TM; Bujkiewicz, S; Sheard, FW; Leadbeater, MJournal Article
2004Legal psychology in the twenty-first centuryBull, R; Bull, RJournal Article
Jun-2008Increasing cognitive load to facilitate lie detection: the benefit of recalling an event in reverse order.Vrij, A; Mann, SA; Fisher, RP; Leal, S; Milne, R; Bull, RJournal Article
Jul-2005Sexual offenders against children: The influence of personality and obsessionality on cognitive distortionsEgan, V; Kavanagh, B; Blair, M; Egan, VJournal Article
Sep-2003'Everywhere and nowhere': Locating and understanding the 'new' public healthMacKian, S; Elliott, H; Busby, H; Popay, JJournal Article
2003Native American Y chromosomes in Polynesia: the genetic impact of the Polynesian slave tradeHurles, Matthew E.; Maund, Emma; Nicholson, Jayne; Bosch, Elena; Renfrew, Colin; Sykes, Bryan C.; Jobling, Mark A.Article
2003Stimulation of Staphylococcus epidermidis growth and biofilm formation by catecholamine inotropesLyte, Mark; Freestone, Primrose P.E.; Neal, Christopher P.; Olson, B.A.; Haigh, Richard D.; Bayston, R.; Williams, Peter H.Article
2005Appraising the inclusive definition of workplace 'violence'Waddington, PAJ; Badger, D; Bull, RJournal Article