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14-Apr-2004Direct inhibition of rat detrusor muscle contraction by erythromycinEngland, Roland C.D.; Norman, Robert I.; Elliott, Ruth A.Article
19-Apr-2006Assessment of the relationship between pre-chip and post-chip quality measures for Affymetrix GeneChip expression data.Jones, Lesley; Goldstein, Darlene R.; Hughes, Gareth; Strand, Andrew D.; Collin, Francois; Dunnett, Stephen B.; Kooperberg, Charles; Aragaki, Aaron; Olson, James M.; Augood, Sarah J.; Faull, Richard L. M.; Luthi-Carter, Ruth; Moskvina, Valentina; Hodges, Angela K.Journal Article
31-Aug-2007Domestication, genomics and the future for banana.Heslop-Harrison, J. S.; Schwarzacher, TrudeJournal Article
18-Dec-2006Interactions between mannose-binding lectin and MASPs during complement activation by the lectin pathway.Wallis, RussellJournal Article
13-Aug-2008Cost effectiveness of chest pain unit care in the NHS.Oluboyede, Y.; Goodacre, S.; Wailoo, A.; ESCAPE, R. T.; Capewell, S.; Cross, L.; Johnson, M.; Lewis, C.; Morris, F.; Nicholl, J.; Read, S.; Tod, A.; Adams, P.; Coats, T.; Cullum, N.; Gray, A.; Kendall, J.; Newby, D.; Dixon, S.; Benger, J.; Gray, D.; Prescott, R.; Hollingsworth, J.; Rodrigues, E.; McCarten, P.; Roe, D.; Johns, D.; Osula, S.; Randles, K.; Walter, D.; Lancaster, C.; Brett, C.; Bickerton, G.; Russell, R.; Okereke, D.; Chawla, A.; Lindley, J.; Housham, J.; McGugan, S.; Coffey, F.; Miller, P.; Mann, C.; Haffenden, A.; Capewell, B.; Keaney, J.; Langford, N.; Johnson, R.; Amos, S.; Baker, S.; Arnold, J.Journal Article
18-Apr-2008The oldest old in England and Wales: A descriptive analysis based on the MRC cognitive function and ageing studyXie, Jing; Matthews, Fiona E.; Jagger, Carol; Bond, John; Brayne, CarolJournal Article
4-Oct-2004Growth-inhibitory and cell cycle-arresting properties of the rice bran constituent tricin in human-derived breast cancer cells in vitro and in nude mice in vivo.Cai, H.; Hudson, E. A.; Mann, P.; Verschoyle, R. D.; Greaves, P.; Manson, M. M.; Steward, W. P.; Gescher, A. J.Journal Article
Aug-2004Personality Differences in High Risk Sports Amateurs and Instructors.Watson, Alison E.; Pulford, Briony D.Article
30-Oct-2006Consistency in research ethics committee decision-making: a controlled comparisonAngell, Emma L.; Sutton, Alex J.; Windridge, Kate C.; Dixon-Woods, MaryArticle
Sep-2002Troubleshooting problems with in vitro screening of drugs for QT interval prolongation using HERG K channels expressed in mammalian cell lines and Xenopus oocytesWitchel, H. J.; Milnes, J. T.; Hancox, J. C.; Mitcheson, J. S.Journal Article