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Aug-2010The Leicester Risk Assessment score for detecting undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation for use in a multiethnic UK setting.Gray, LJ; Taub, NA; Khunti, K; Gardiner, E; Hiles, S; Webb, DR; Srinivasan, BT; Davies, MJJournal Article
Aug-2010The prevalence of depressive symptoms in a white European and South Asian population with impaired glucose regulation and screen-detected Type 2 diabetes mellitus: a comparison of two screening tools.Aujla, N; Skinner, TC; Khunti, K; Davies, MJJournal Article
Jun-2010Impact of metabolic indices on central artery stiffness: independent association of insulin resistance and glucose with aortic pulse wave velocity.Webb, DR; Khunti, K; Silverman, R; Gray, LJ; Srinivasan, B; Lacy, PS; Williams, B; Davies, MJJournal Article
Aug-2012Conduit vessel stiffness in British south Asians of Indian descent relates to 25-hydroxyvitamin D status.Webb, DR; Khunti, K; Lacy, P; Gray, LJ; Mostafa, S; Talbot, D; Williams, B; Davies, MJJournal Article
Nov-2011An update on exenatide, a novel therapeutic option for patients with type 2 diabetes.Crasto, W; Khunti, K; Davies, MJJournal Article
20-Aug-2010Delivering the diabetes education and self management for ongoing and newly diagnosed (DESMOND) programme for people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: cost effectiveness analysisGillett, M; Dallosso, HM; Dixon, S; Brennan, A; Carey, ME; Campbell, MJ; Heller, S; Khunti, K; Skinner, TC; Davies, MJJournal Article
Jul-2012A simple strategy for screening for glucose intolerance, using glycated haemoglobin, in individuals admitted with acute coronary syndrome.Gholap, N; Davies, MJ; Mostafa, SA; Squire, I; Khunti, KJournal Article
Nov-2011Association of cardiac and non-cardiac chronic disease comorbidity on glycaemic control in a multi-ethnic population with type 1 and type 2 diabetesMehta, RL; Taub, NA; Stone, MA; Baker, R; Khunti, K; Davies, MJ; Ali, S; Mcnally, PG; Lawrence, G; Mehta, RLJournal Article
May-2012Association of anthropometric obesity measures with chronic kidney disease risk in a non-diabetic patient population.Burton, JO; Gray, LJ; Webb, DR; Davies, MJ; Khunti, K; Crasto, W; Carr, SJ; Brunskill, NJJournal Article
Jan-2010How can structured self-management patient education improve outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes?Jarvis, J; Skinner, TC; Carey, ME; Davies, MJJournal Article