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May-2011Pathway analysis shows association between FGFBP1 and hypertension.Tomaszewski, M; Charchar, FJ; Nelson, CP; Barnes, T; Denniff, M; Kaiser, M; Debiec, R; Christofidou, P; Rafelt, S; van der Harst P; Wang, WY; Maric, C; Zukowska-Szczechowska, E; Samani, NJJournal Article
Jan-2011Epigenetic control of retrotransposon expression in human embryonic stem cells.Macia, A; Muñoz-Lopez, M; Cortes, JL; Hastings, RK; Morell, S; Lucena-Aguilar, G; Marchal, JA; Badge, RM; Garcia-Perez, JLJournal Article
15-Dec-2011Sex-based differences in susceptibility to respiratory and systemic pneumococcal disease in mice.Kadioglu, A; Cuppone, AM; Trappetti, C; List, T; Spreafico, A; Pozzi, G; Andrew, PW; Oggioni, MRJournal Article
Jan-2011Screening for autism in preterm children: diagnostic utility of the Social Communication Questionnaire.Johnson, S; Hollis, C; Hennessy, E; Kochhar, P; Wolke, D; Marlow, NJournal Article
May-2011Role of whole-body staging computed tomographic scans for detecting distant metastases in patients with bladder cancer.Rajesh, A; Sokhi, H; Fung, R; Mulcahy, KA; Bankart, MJJournal Article
Dec-2011Bladder cancer: evaluation of staging accuracy using dynamic MRI.Rajesh, A; Sokhi, HK; Fung, R; Mulcahy, KA; Bankart, MJJournal Article
Apr-2011Signal-to-noise ratio of bilateral nonimaging transcranial Doppler recordings of the middle cerebral artery is not affected by age and sex.Katsogridakis, E; Dineen, NE; Brodie, FG; Robinson, TG; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Apr-2011The influence of calculation method on estimates of cerebral critical closing pressure.Panerai, RB; Salinet, AS; Brodie, FG; Robinson, TGJournal Article
Mar-2011Effects of ageing on cerebral haemodynamics assessed during respiratory manoeuvres.Dineen, NE; Panerai, RB; Brodie, F; Robinson, TGJournal Article
Mar-2011The clinical and molecular genetic features of idiopathic infantile periodic alternating nystagmus.Thomas, MG; Crosier, M; Lindsay, S; Kumar, A; Thomas, S; Araki, M; Talbot, CJ; McLean, RJ; Surendran, M; Taylor, K; Leroy, BP; Moore, AT; Hunter, DG; Hertle, RW; Tarpey, P; Langmann, A; Lindner, S; Brandner, M; Gottlob, IJournal Article