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26-Feb-2014Using the Bayley-III to assess neurodevelopmental delay: which cut-off should be used?Johnson, Samantha; Moore, T.; Marlow, N.Journal Article
Oct-2014Treating the exercise problem in COPDSteiner, Michael C.; Greening, Neil J.Journal Article
14-Sep-2014A general framework for parametric survival analysisCrowther, Michael J.; Lambert, P. C.Journal Article
13-Aug-2014Biological clustering supports both "Dutch" and "British" hypotheses of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseGhebre, M. A.; Bafadhel, M.; Desai, D.; Cohen, S. E.; Newbold, P.; Rapley, L.; Woods, J.; Rugman, P.; Pavord, I. D.; Newby, C.; Burton, P. R.; May, R. D.; Brightling, Christopher E.Journal Article
19-Nov-2014New pyrimido-indole compound CD-160130 preferentially inhibits the KV11.1B isoform and produces antileukemic effects without cardiotoxicityGasparoli, L.; D'Amico, M.; Masselli, M.; Pillozzi, S.; Caves, Rachel; Khuwaileh, Rawan; Tiedke, W.; Mugridge, K.; Pratesi, A.; Mitcheson, John S.; Basso, G.; Becchetti, A.; Arcangeli, A.Journal Article
21-Oct-2014Pro-substance p for evaluation of risk in acute myocardial infarction.Ng, Leong L.; Sandhu, Jatinderpal K.; Narayan, Hafid; Quinn, Paulene A.; Squire, Iain B.; Davies, Joan E.; Struck, J.; Bergmann, A.; Maisel, A.; Jones, Donald J.L.Journal Article
6-Jun-2014Drivers of inequality in disability-free expectancy at birth and age 85 across space and time in Great BritainWohland, P.; Rees, P.; Gillies, Clare Louise; Alvanides, S.; Matthews, F. E.; O'Neill, V.; Jagger, C.Journal Article
23-Oct-2014Is quadriceps endurance reduced in COPD?: A systematic reviewEvans, Rachael A.; Kaplovitch, Eric; Beauchamp, Marla K.; Dolmage, Thomas E.; Goldstein, Roger S.; Gillies, Clare L.; Brooks, Dina; Mathur, SunitaJournal Article
8-Dec-2014Comparison of vestipitant with ondansetron for the treatment of breakthrough postoperative nausea and vomiting after failed prophylaxis with ondansetronKranke, P.; Thompson, Jonathan P.; Dalby, P. L.; Eberhart, L. H.; Novikova, E.; Johnson, B. M.; Russ, S. F.; Noble, R.; Brigandi, R. A.Journal Article
20-Nov-2014Divergence of a strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa during an outbreak of ovine mastitisWright, E. A.; Di Lorenzo, V.; Trappetti, C.; Liciardi, M.; Orru, G.; Viti, C.; Bronowski, C.; Hall, A. J.; Darby, A. C.; Oggioni, Marco Rinaldo; Winstanley, C.Journal Article