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15-Feb-2017Ex Vivo Explant Cultures of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Enable Evaluation of Primary Tumor Responses to Anticancer Therapy.Karekla, Ellie; Liao, Wen-Jing; Sharp, Barry; Pugh, John; Reid, Helen; Le Quesne, John; Moore, David; Pritchard, Catrin; MacFarlane, Marion; Pringle, James HowardJournal Article
24-Jul-2017Influence of Renal Impairment on Outcome for Thrombolysis-Treated Acute Ischemic Stroke: ENCHANTED (Enhanced Control of Hypertension and Thrombolysis Stroke Study) Post Hoc AnalysisCarr, Susan J.; Wang, Xia; Olavarria, Veronica V.; Lavados, Pablo M.; Rodriguez, Jorge A.; Kim, Jong S.; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Lindley, Richard I.; Pontes-Neto, Octavio M.; Ricci, Stefano; Sato, Shoichiro; Sharma, Vijay K.; Woodward, Mark; Chalmers, John; Anderson, Craig S.; Robinson, Thompson G.Journal Article
26-Oct-2017Allele-Specific HLA Loss and Immune Escape in Lung Cancer Evolution.McGranahan, N.; Rosenthal, R.; Hiley, C. T.; Rowan, A. J.; Watkins, T. B. K.; Wilson, G. A.; Birkbak, N. J.; Veeriah, S.; Van Loo, P.; Herrero, J.; Swanton, C.; TRACERx Consortium; Fennell, DeanJournal Article
23-Oct-2017Central Iliac Arteriovenous Anastomosis for Uncontrolled Hypertension: One-Year Results From the ROX CONTROL HTN TrialLobo, MD; Ott, C; Sobotka, PA; Saxena, M; Stanton, A; Cockcroft, JR; Sulke, N; Dolan, E; van der Giet, M; Hoyer, J; Furniss, SS; Foran, JP; Witkowski, A; Januszewicz, A; Schoors, D; Tsioufis, K; Rensing, BJ; Scott, B; Ng, Ghulam A.; Schmieder, REJournal Article
3-Feb-2017Meta-analysis of individual-patient data from EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE trials comparing outcomes of endovascular or open repair for abdominal aortic aneurysm over 5 years.Powell, J. T.; Sweeting, Michael J.; Ulug, P.; Blankensteijn, J. D.; Lederle, F. A.; Becquemin, J-P.; Greenhalgh, R. M.; EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE Trialists,Journal Article
5-Oct-2017Dying comfortably in very old age with or without dementia in different care settings – a representative “older old” population studyFleming, J.; Calloway, R.; Perrels, A.; Farquhar, M.; Barclay, S.; Brayne, C.; Cambridge City over-75s Cohort (CC75C) studyJournal Article
3-Nov-2016Inadequacy of existing clinical prediction models for predicting mortality after transcatheter aortic valve implantation.Martin, G. P.; Sperrin, M.; Ludman, P. F.; de Belder, M .A.; Gale, C. P.; Toff, William D.; Moat, N. E.; Trivedi, U.; Buchan, I.; Mamas, M. A.Journal Article
23-Feb-2017Association Between Telomere Length and Risk of Cancer and Non-Neoplastic Diseases: A Mendelian Randomization StudyTelomeres Mendelian Randomization Collaboration; Haycock, P. C.; Burgess, S.; Nounu, A.; Zheng, J.; Okoli, G. N.; Bowden, J.; Wade, K. H.; Timpson, N. J.; Evans, D. M.; Willeit, P.; Aviv, A.; Gaunt, T. R.; Hemani, G.; Mangino, M.; Ellis, H. P.; Kurian, K. M.; Pooley, K. A; Eeles, R. A.; Lee, J. E.; Fang, S.; Chen, W. V.; Law, M. H.; Bowdler, L. M.; Iles, M. M.; Yang, Q.; Worrall, B. B.; Markus, H. S.; Hung, R. J.; Amos, C. I.; Spurdle, A. B.; Thompson, D. J.; O'Mara, T. A.; Wolpin, B.; Amundadottir, L.; Stolzenberg-Solomon, R.; Trichopoulou, A.; Onland-Moret, N. C.; Lund, E.; Duell, E. J.; Canzian, F.; Severi, G.; Overvad, K.; Gunter, M. J.; Tumino, R.; Svenson, U.; van Rij, A.; Baas, A. F.; Bown, M. J.; Samani, Nilesh J.; van t'Hof, F. N. G.; Tromp, G.; Jones, G. T.; Kuivaniemi, H.; Elmore, J. R.; Johansson, M.; Mckay, J.; Scelo, G.; Carreras-Torres, R.; Gaborieau, V.; Brennan, P.; Bracci, P. M.; Neale, R. E.; Olson, S. H.; Gallinger, S.; Li, D.; Petersen, G. M.; Risch, H. A.; Klein, A. P.; Han, J.; Abnet, C. C.; Freedman, N. D.; Taylor, P. R.; Maris, J. M.; Aben, K. K.; Kiemeney, L. A.; Vermeulen, S. H.; Wiencke, J. K.; Walsh, K. M.; Wrensch, M.; Rice, T.; Turnbull, C.; Litchfield, K.; Paternoster, L.; Standl, M.; Abecasis, G. R.; SanGiovanni, J. P.; Li, Y.; Mijatovic, V.; Sapkota, Y.; Low, S.-K.; Zondervan, K. T.; Montgomery, G. W.; Nyholt, D. R.; van Heel, D. A.; Hunt, K.; Arking, D. E.; Ashar, F. N.; Sotoodehnia, N.; Woo, D.; Rosand, J.; Comeau, M. E.; Brown, W. M.; Silverman, E. K.; Hokanson, J. E.; Cho, M. H.; Hui, J.; Ferreira, M. A.; Thompson, P. J.; Morrison, A. C.; Felix, J. F.; Smith, N. L.; Christiano, A. M.; Petukhova, L.; Betz, R. C.; Fan, X.; Zhang, X.; Zhu, C.; Langefeld, C. D.; Thompson, S. D.; Wang, F.; Lin, X.; Schwartz, D. A.; Fingerlin, T.; Rotter, J. I.; Cotch, M. F.; Jensen, R. A.; Munz, M.; Dommisch, H.; Schaefer, A. S.; Han, F.; Ollila, H. M.; Hillary, R. P.; Albagha, O.; Ralston, S. H.; Zeng, C.; Zheng, W.; Shu, X.-O.; Reis, A.; Uebe, S.; Hüffmeier, U.; Kawamura, Y.; Otowa, T.; Sasaki, T.; Hibberd, M. L.; Davila, S.; Xie, G.; Siminovitch, K.; Bei, J.-X.; Zeng, Y.-X.; Försti, A.; Chen, B.; Landi, S.; Franke, A.; Fischer, A.; Ellinghaus, D.; Flores, C.; Noth, I.; Ma, S.-F.; Foo, J. N.; Liu, J.; Kim, J.-W.; Cox, D. G.; Delattre, O.; Mirabeau, O.; Skibola, C. F.; Tang, C. S.; Garcia-Barcelo, M.; Chang, K.-P.; Su, W.-H.; Chang, Y.-S.; Martin, N. G.; Gordon, S.; Wade, T. D.; Lee, C.; Kubo, M.; Cha, P.-C.; Nakamura, Y.; Levy, D.; Kimura, M.; Hwang, S.-J.; Hunt, S.; Spector, T.; Soranzo, N.; Manichaikul, A. W.; Barr, R. G.; Kahali, B.; Speliotes, E.; Yerges-Armstrong, L. M.; Cheng, C.-Y.; Jonas, J. B.; Wong, T. Y.; Fogh, I.; Lin, K.; Powell, J. F.; Rice, K.; Relton, C. L.; Martin, R. M.; Davey Smith, G.Journal Article
21-May-2017Statins and secondary prevention of venous thromboembolism: pooled analysis of published observational cohort studies.Kunutsor, Setor K.; Seidu, Samuel; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
1-Nov-2017Low-Dose vs Standard-Dose Alteplase for Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke: Secondary Analysis of the ENCHANTED Randomized Clinical Trial.Wang, Xia; Robinson, Thompson G.; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Li, Qiang; Arima, Hisatomi; Bath, Philip M.; Billot, Laurent; Broderick, Joseph; Demchuk, Andrew M.; Donnan, Geoffrey; Kim, Jong S.; Lavados, Pablo; Lindley, Richard I.; Martins, Sheila O.; Olavarria, Veronica V.; Pandian, Jeyaraj D.; Parsons, Mark W.; Pontes-Neto, Octavio M.; Ricci, Stefano; Sharma, Vijay K.; Thang, Nguyen H.; Wang, Ji-Guang; Woodward, Mark; Anderson, Craig S.; Chalmers, John; Enhanced Control of Hypertension and Thrombolysis Stroke Study (ENCHANTED) InvestigatorsJournal Article