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14-Mar-2017Penumbra and re-canalization acute computed tomography in ischemic stroke evaluation: PRACTISE study protocolEl-Tawil, Salwa; Wardlaw, Joanna; Ford, Ian; Mair, Grant; Robinson, Tom; Kalra, Lalit; Muir, Keith W.Journal Article
19-May-2017Characteristics, management and response to alteplase in China versus non-China participants of the ENCHANTED trialSong, Lily; Wang, Xia; Robinson, Thompson; Lindley, Richard I.; Arima, Hisatomi; Lavados, Pablo M.; Chen, Xiaoying; Chalmers, John; Anderson, Craig S.Journal Article
26-Oct-2017Positive impact of the participation in the ENCHANTED trial in reducing Door-to-Needle TimeYang, Jie; Wang, Xia; Yu, Jian Ping; Hang, Jing; Lavados, Pablo; Robinson, Thompson; Arima, Hisatomi; Lindley, Richard I.; Anderson, Craig S.; Chalmers, JohnJournal Article
24-Jul-2017Influence of Renal Impairment on Outcome for Thrombolysis-Treated Acute Ischemic Stroke: ENCHANTED (Enhanced Control of Hypertension and Thrombolysis Stroke Study) Post Hoc AnalysisCarr, Susan J.; Wang, Xia; Olavarria, Veronica V.; Lavados, Pablo M.; Rodriguez, Jorge A.; Kim, Jong S.; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Lindley, Richard I.; Pontes-Neto, Octavio M.; Ricci, Stefano; Sato, Shoichiro; Sharma, Vijay K.; Woodward, Mark; Chalmers, John; Anderson, Craig S.; Robinson, Thompson G.Journal Article
1-Jan-2015Boundaries and brokerage in a research/practice collaboration: Exploring intermediary roles in contextChew, Sarah ElizabethThesis
1-Mar-2017Molecular analysis of circulating cell-free DNA in lung cancerTrigg, Ricky MarkThesis
1-Mar-2017Host defences against metabolic endotoxaemia and their impact on lipopolysaccharide detectionFaraj, Tola A.; McLaughlin, Catherine L.; Erridge, ClettJournal Article
1-Mar-2017Development and validation of multivariable models to predict mortality and hospitalization in patients with heart failure.Voors, Adriaan A.; Ouwerkerk, Wouter; Zannad, Faiez; van Veldhuisen, Dirk J.; Samani, Nilesh J.; Ponikowski, Piotr; Ng, Leong L.; Metra, Marco; Ter Maaten, Jozine M.; Lang, Chim C.; Hillege, Hans L.; van der Harst, Pim; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Dickstein, Kenneth; Cleland, John G.; Anker, Stefan D.; Zwinderman, Aeilko H.Journal Article
1-Mar-2017Let’s Prevent Diabetes: From idea to implementationGray, Laura J.; Troughton, Jacqui; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
3-Mar-2017Assessment of Continuous Pain in Newborns admitted to NICUs in 18 European CountriesAnand, Kanwaljeet J. S.; Eriksson, Mats; Boyle, Elaine M.; Avila-Alvarez, Alejandro; Andersen, Randi Dovland; Sarafidis, Kosmas; Polkki, Tarja; Matos, Cristina; Lago, Paola; Papadouri, Thalia; Attard-Montalto, Simon; Ilmoja, Mari-Liis; Simons, Sinno; Tameliene, Rasa; van Overmeire, Bart; Berger, Angelika; Dobrzanska, Anna; Schroth, Michael; Bergqvist, Lena; Courtois, Emilie; Rousseau, Jessica; Carbajal, Ricardo; The EUROPAIN survey working group of the NeoOpioid ConsortiumJournal Article