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2-Jun-2016Serum iron level and kidney function: a Mendelian randomization study.Del Greco M., Fabiola; Foco, Luisa; Pichler, Irene; Eller, Philipp; Eller, Kathrin; Benyamin, Beben; Whitfield, John B.; Genetics of Iron Status Consortium; CKDGen Consortium; Pramstaller, Peter P.; Thompson, John R.; Pattaro, Cristian; Minelli, CosettaJournal Article
8-May-2017The use of feasibility studies for stepped-wedge cluster randomised trials: a review of impact and scopeKristunas, Caroline; Hemming, Karla; Eborall, Helen C.; Gray, Laura J.Conference Paper
1-Aug-2016The repetitive DNA landscape in sheepMustafa, Sarbast; Schwarzacher, Trude; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. (Pat)Conference Paper
12-Jul-2017Experiencing risk: the effect of the experiential life-skills centre ‘Warning Zone’ on children’s risk perceptionBoam, Soraya; Pulford, Briony D.Journal Article
11-Oct-2017Association Between Type 2 Diabetes and All-Cause Hospitalization and Mortality in the UK General Heart Failure Population: Stratification by Diabetic Glycemic Control and Medication Intensification.Lawson, Claire A.; Jones, Peter W.; Teece, Lucy; Dunbar, Sandra B.; Seferovic, Petar M.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Mamas, Mamas; Kadam, Umesh T.Journal Article
3-Mar-2017Inhibition of KLF5-Myo9b-RhoA Pathway-Mediated Podosome Formation in Macrophages Ameliorates Abdominal Aortic AneurysmMa, Dong; Zheng, Bin; Suzuki, Toru; Zhang, Ruonan; Jiang, Chunyang; Bai, Disi; Yin, Weina; Yang, Zhan; Zhang, Xinhua; Hou, Lianguo; Zhan, Hong; Wen, Jin-kunJournal Article
19-Dec-2017Retinal layer abnormalities as biomarkers of schizophreniaSamani, Niraj N.; Proudlock, Frank A.; Siram, Vasantha; Suraweera, Chathurie; Hutchinson, Claire; Nelson, Christopher P.; Al-Uzri, Mohammed; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
25-May-2016Structural evidence for Nap1‐dependent H2A–H2B deposition and nucleosome assemblyAguilar-Gurrieri, C.; Larabi, A.; Vinayachandran, V.; Patel, N. A.; Reja, R.; Ebong, I.-O.; Schoehn, G.; Robinson, C. V.; Pugh, B. F.; Panne, Daniel; Yen, K.Journal Article
1-Sep-2017Randomized trial of near-infrared spectroscopy for personalized optimization of cerebral tissue oxygenation during cardiac surgeryRogers, CA; Stoica, S; Ellis, L; Stokes, EA; Wordsworth, S; Dabner, L; Clayton, G; Downes, R; Nicholson, E; Bennett, S; Angelini, GD; Reeves, BC; Murphy, GJJournal Article
Feb-2017Altered whole-brain connectivity in albinismWelton, Thomas; Ather, Sarim; Proudlock, Frank A.; Gottlob, Irene; Dineen, Robert A.Journal Article