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14-Jan-2010The C-terminus of p63 contains multiple regulatory elements with different functionsStraub, W. E.; Weber, T. A.; Schafer, B.; Candi, E.; Durst, F.; Ou, H. D.; Rajalingam, K.; Melino, G.; Dotsch, V.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010Cell Death and Disease: a new journal for a central area of pathophysiologyKroemer, G.; Nicotera, P.; Melino, G.Journal Article
24-Mar-2010Investigation of the Mechanism That Underlies MS32 Minisatellite Instability in Cells That Use the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres PathwayNovo, Clara Patrícia LopesThesis
24-Mar-2010Molecular Genetics of Aggressive Behaviour in Drosophila MelanogasterTauber, MeravThesis
24-Mar-2010Urinary Incontinence in Indian Women in LeicesterDoshani, AnjumThesis
21-Sep-2010Preventing disease through opportunistic, rapid engagement by primary care teams using behaviour change counselling (PRE-EMPT): protocol for a general practice-based cluster randomised trialSpanou, Clio; Simpson, Sharon A.; Hood, Kerry; Edwards, Adrian; Cohen, David; Rollnick, Stephen; Carter, Ben; McCambridge, Jim; Moore, Laurence; Randell, Elizabeth; Pickles, Timothy; Smith, Christine; Lane, Claire; Wood, Fiona; Thornton, Hazel; Butler, Chris C.Journal Article
27-Jul-2010Protocol for a national audit on self-reported confidence levels, training requirements and current practice among trainee doctors in the UK: The Trainees Own Perception of Delivery of Care in Diabetes (TOPDOC) StudyGeorge, Jyothis T.; McGrane, David J.; Warriner, David; Rozario, Kavitha S.; Price, Hermione C.; Wilmot, Emma G.; Kar, Partha; Jude, Edward B.; McKay, Gerard A.Journal Article
1-Oct-2010Exploring the Relationship between Cannabis and PanicWard, David John DeenThesis
23-Mar-2010Inhaled Nitric Oxide in preterm infants: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysisAskie, Lisa M.; Ballard, Roberta A.; Cutter, Gary; Dani, Carlo; Elbourne, Diana; Field, David; Hascoet, Jean-Michel; Hibbs, Anna Maria; Kinsella, John P.; Mercier, Jean-Christophe; Rich, Wade; Schreiber, Michael D.; Srisuparp, Pimol; Subhedar, Nim V.; Van Meurs, Krisa P.; Voysey, Merryn; Barrington, Keith; Ehrenkranz, Richard A.; Finer, NeilJournal Article
6-Aug-2010Early impact of aortic wrapping on patients undergoing aortic valve replacement with mild to moderate ascending aorta dilatationAng, Keng-Leong; Raheel, Furqan; Bajaj, Amrita; Sosnowski, Andrzej; Galiñanes, ManuelJournal Article