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17-Nov-2016Structure of centromere chromatin: from nucleosome to chromosomal architecture.Schalch, Thomas; Steiner, Florian A.Journal Article
26-Jun-2018Detection of Plasma Curcuminoids from Dietary Intake of Turmeric-Containing Food in Human Volunteers.Mahale, Jagdish; Singh, Rajinder; Howells, Lynne M.; Britton, Robert G.; Khan, Sameena M.; Brown, KarenJournal Article
19-Jul-2018Structure of the replication regulator Sap1 reveals functionally important interfaces.Jørgensen, MM; Ekundayo, B; Zaratiegui, M; Skriver, K; Thon, G; Schalch, TJournal Article
14-Nov-2018Mutation and Selection in Bacteria: Modelling and Calibration.Bayliss, C. D.; Fallaize, C.; Howitt, R.; Tretyakov, M. V.Journal Article
23-Jul-2018Neurovascular coupling response to cognitive examination in healthy controls: a multivariate analysis.Beishon, L; Williams, CAL; Robinson, TG; Haunton, VJ; Panerai, RBJournal Article
31-May-2018Variation in faecal microbiota in a group of horses managed at pasture over a 12-month period.Salem, SE; Maddox, TW; Berg, A; Antczak, P; Ketley, JM; Williams, NJ; Archer, DCJournal Article
30-Jul-2018The "Petechiae in children" (PiC) study: evaluating potential clinical decision rules for the management of feverish children with non-blanching rashes, including the role of point of care testing for Procalcitonin & Neisseria meningitidis DNA - a study protocol.Waterfield, T; Lyttle, MD; Fairley, D; Mckenna, J; Woolfall, K; Lynn, F; Maney, J-A; Roland, D; Weir, A; Shields, MD; Paediatric Emergency Research in the UK and Ireland (PERUKI)Journal Article
2018Inflammation and its role in shaping cell responses in cancersStover, CordulaNewspaper / Magazine Article
7-Sep-2017Celebrating the quality of our referees.Forsythe, Ian D.Journal Article
21-Dec-2017Sputum microbiome temporal variability and dysbiosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations: an analysis of the COPDMAP study.Wang, Z; Singh, R; Miller, BE; Tal-Singer, R; Van Horn, S; Tomsho, L; Mackay, A; Allinson, JP; Webb, AJ; Brookes, AJ; George, LM; Barker, B; Kolsum, U; Donnelly, LE; Belchamber, K; Barnes, PJ; Singh, D; Brightling, CE; Donaldson, GC; Wedzicha, JA; Brown, JR; COPDMAPJournal Article