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29-Aug-2018Mode of Sucrose Delivery Alters Reward-Related Phasic Dopamine Signals in Nucleus AccumbensMcCutcheon, James E.; Roitman, Mitchell F.Journal Article
29-Aug-2018Microsatellite variation of ESR1, ESR2, and AR in Serbian women with primary ovarian insufficiencyLi, J; Dalgleish, R; Vujovic, S; Dragojevic-Dikic, S; Ivanisevic, M; Ivovic, M; Tancic, M; Thompson, J; Al-Azzawi, FJournal Article
2-Aug-2010Association of invasion-promoting tenascin-C additional domains with breast cancers in young women.Guttery, David S.; Hancox, Rachael A.; Mulligan, Kellie T.; Hughes, Simon; Lambe, Sinead M.; Pringle, J. Howard; Walker, Rosemary A.; Jones, J. Louise; Shaw, Jacqueline A.Journal Article
16-Mar-2017A data-driven approach links microglia to pathology and prognosis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Cooper-Knock, J; Green, C; Altschuler, G; Wei, W; Bury, JJ; Heath, PR; Wyles, M; Gelsthorpe, C; Highley, JR; Lorente-Pons, A; Beck, T; Doyle, K; Otero, K; Traynor, B; Kirby, J; Shaw, PJ; Hide, WJournal Article
14-Nov-2016Activating KIR2DS4 Is Expressed by Uterine NK Cells and Contributes to Successful PregnancyKennedy, PR; Chazara, O; Gardner, L; Ivarsson, MA; Farrell, LE; Xiong, S; Hiby, SE; Colucci, F; Sharkey, AM; Moffett, AJournal Article
30-Aug-2017Sleep in children with Angelman syndrome: Parental concerns and prioritiesTrickett, Jayne; Heald, Mary; Oliver, ChrisJournal Article
28-Mar-2016Endocrine vasculatures are preferable targets of an antitumor ineffective low dose of anti-VEGF therapyZhang, Y; Yang, Y; Hosaka, K; Huang, G; Zang, J; Chen, F; Zhang, Y; Samani, NJ; Cao, YJournal Article
17-Feb-2017Comparison of Luminex NxTAG Respiratory Pathogen Panel and xTAG Respiratory Viral Panel FAST Version 2 for the Detection of Respiratory Viruses.Lee, CK; Lee, HK; Ng, CWS; Chiu, L; Tang, JWT; Loh, TP; Koay, ESCJournal Article
16-Jan-2018Dual roles of endothelial FGF-2-FGFR1-PDGF-BB and perivascular FGF-2-FGFR2-PDGFRβ signaling pathways in tumor vascular remodeling.Hosaka, K; Yang, Y; Nakamura, M; Andersson, P; Yang, X; Zhang, Y; Seki, T; Scherzer, M; Dubey, O; Wang, X; Cao, YJournal Article
21-Jun-2018The reproducibility of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging measures of aortic stiffness and their relationship to cardiac structure in prevalent haemodialysis patientsGraham-Brown, MPM; Adenwalla, SF; Lai, FY; Hunt, WH; Parke, K; Gulsin, G; Burton, JO; McCann, GPJournal Article