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2017Patent ductus arteriosus treatment in very preterm infants: a European population-based cohort study (EPICE) on variation and outcomesEdstedt Bonamy, A-K.; Gudmundsdottir, A.; Maier, R. F.; Toome, L.; Zeitlin, J.; Bonet, M.; Fenton, A.; Hasselager, A. B.; Van Heijst, A.; Gortner, L.; Milligan, D.; Van Reempts, P.; Boyle, Elaine M.; Norman, M.Journal Article
7-Feb-2017Short tips delivered ‘in the moment’ can boost positive emotion.Hurling, R.; Murray, P.; Tomlin, C.; Warner, A.; Wilkinson, J.; York, G.; Linley, P. A.; Dovey, G.; Hogan, Rebecca A.; Maltby, John; So, T. T. C.Journal Article
2-Jan-2017Canaglioflozin, dapagliflozin and empaglioflozin monotherapy for treating type 2 diabetes: systematic review and economic evaluationJohnston, R.; Uthman, O.; Cummins, E.; Clar, C.; Royle, P.; Colquitt, J.; Tan, B.; Clegg, A.; Shantikumar, S.; Court, R.; O'Hare, P.; McGrane, D.; Holt, T.; Waugh, N.Journal Article
22-Feb-2017Investigation of Endocannabinoid System Signalling Pathways and Their Regulations in Endometrial CarcinomaAyakannu, ThangesweranThesis
22-Feb-2017Characterisation of MiDAC, a class I Histone Deacetylase co-repressor ComplexMilano, Charles Patrick RourkeThesis
1-Mar-2017Nuclear and chloroplast genome diversity in apomictic microspecies of TaraxacumM. Salih, Rubar HusseinThesis
1-Mar-2017Systematic and genomic studies in the genus Aubrieta (Brassicaceae)Muhammed, Jotyar JassimThesis
1-Mar-2017The impact of inter-strain variation on sputum related phenotypes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Review of normalisation procedures)Wegrzyn, Malgorzata GrazynaThesis
28-Jan-2017The Speed of Increasing milk Feeds: a randomised controlled trialAbbott, Jane; Berrington, Janet; Bowler, Ursula; Boyle, Elaine; Dorling, Jon; Embleton, Nicholas; Juszczak, Edmund; Leaf, Alison; Linsell, Louise; Johnson, Samantha; McCormick, Kenny; McGuire, William; Roberts, Tracy; Stenson, Ben; Sift Investigators GroupJournal Article
26-Jan-2017Tumour cell conditioned medium reveals greater M2 skewing of macrophages in the absence of properdin.Al-Rayahi, Izzat A.M.; Browning, Michael J.; Stover, CordulaJournal Article