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Aug-2010Nitric oxide signaling in brain function, dysfunction, and dementia.Steinert, JR; Chernova, T; Forsythe, IDJournal Article
15-Sep-2010A somewhat neglected aspect of insect neurophysiology.Matheson, TJournal Article
Feb-2011Dendritic spine loss and neurodegeneration is rescued by Rab11 in models of Huntington's disease.Richards, P; Didszun, C; Campesan, S; Simpson, A; Horley, B; Young, KW; Glynn, P; Cain, K; Kyriacou, CP; Giorgini, Flaviano; Nicotera, PJournal Article
1-Sep-2010Going native: voltage-gated potassium channels controlling neuronal excitability.Johnston, J.; Forsythe, I.D.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, CorneliaJournal Article
19-May-2011Neuropsin cleaves EphB2 in the amygdala to control anxiety.Attwood, BK; Bourgognon, JM; Patel, S; Mucha, M; Schiavon, E; Skrzypiec, AE; Young, KW; Shiosaka, S; Korostynski, M; Piechota, M; Przewlocki, R; Pawlak, RJournal Article
8-Nov-2011Lipocalin-2 controls neuronal excitability and anxiety by regulating dendritic spine formation and maturation.Mucha, M; Skrzypiec, AE; Schiavon, E; Attwood, BK; Kucerova, E; Pawlak, RJournal Article
19-Sep-2011Targeting of the Arpc3 actin nucleation factor by miR-29a/b regulates dendritic spine morphology.Lippi, G; Steinert, JR; Marczylo, EL; D'Oro, S; Fiore, R; Forsythe, ID; Schratt, G; Zoli, M; Nicotera, P; Young, KWJournal Article
17-Jan-2013MicroRNA-22 (miR-22) Overexpression Is Neuroprotective via General Anti-Apoptotic Effects and May also Target Specific Huntington’s Disease-Related MechanismsJovicic, A.; Zaldivar Jolissaint, J. F.; Moser, R.; Silva Santos, Mariana de Fatima Silva; Luthi-Carter, RuthJournal Article
19-Sep-2011Targeting of the Arpc3 actin nucleation factor by miR-29a/b regulates dendritic spine morphologyLippi, Giordano; Steinert, Joern R.; Marczylo, Emma L.; D'Oro, Sabina; Fiore, Roberto; Forsythe, Ian D.; Schratt, Gerhard; Zoli, Michele; Nicotera, Pierluigi; Young, Kenneth W.Journal Article
28-Mar-2014Unravelling mitochondrial pathways to Parkinson's disease.Celardo, I.; Martins, L. Miguel; Gandhi, S.Journal Article