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24-May-2012Sustained translational repression by eIF2α-P mediates prion neurodegeneration.Moreno, JA; Radford, H; Peretti, D; Steinert, JR; Verity, N; Martin, MG; Halliday, M; Morgan, J; Dinsdale, D; Ortori, CA; Barrett, DA; Tsaytler, P; Bertolotti, A; Willis, AE; Bushell, M; Mallucci, GRJournal Article
24-Mar-2011Benzimidazole inhibitors induce a DFG-out conformation of never in mitosis gene A-related kinase 2 (Nek2) without binding to the back pocket and reveal a nonlinear structure-activity relationship.Solanki, S; Innocenti, P; Mas-Droux, C; Boxall, K; Barillari, C; van Montfort RL; Aherne, GW; Bayliss, R; Hoelder, SJournal Article
Dec-2010Deposition, imaging, and clearance: what remains to be done?Scheuch, G; Bennett, W; Borgström, L; Clark, A; Dalby, R; Dolovich, M; Fleming, J; Gehr, P; Gonda, I; O'Callaghan, C; Taylor, G; Newman, SJournal Article
Dec-2010The involvement of microRNAs in Type 2 diabetes.Ferland-McCollough, D; Ozanne, SE; Siddle, K; Willis, AE; Bushell, MJournal Article
24-May-2012Peroxiredoxins are conserved markers of circadian rhythms.Edgar, RS; Green, EW; Zhao, Y; van Ooijen G; Olmedo, M; Qin, X; Xu, Y; Pan, M; Valekunja, UK; Feeney, KA; Maywood, ES; Hastings, MH; Baliga, NS; Merrow, M; Millar, AJ; Johnson, CH; Kyriacou, CP; O'Neill, JS; Reddy, ABJournal Article
7-Jul-2010Stoichiometry of a regulatory splicing complex revealed by single-molecule analyses.Cherny, D; Gooding, C; Eperon, GE; Coelho, MB; Bagshaw, CR; Smith, CW; Eperon, ICJournal Article
Sep-2010Studies on the morphology and spreading of human endothelial cells define key inter- and intramolecular interactions for talin1.Kopp, PM; Bate, N; Hansen, TM; Brindle, NP; Praekelt, U; Debrand, E; Coleman, S; Mazzeo, D; Goult, BT; Gingras, AR; Pritchard, CA; Critchley, DR; Monkley, SJJournal Article
15-Apr-2011Disassembly of the JIP1/JNK molecular scaffold by caspase-3-mediated cleavage of JIP1 during apoptosis.Vaishnav, M; MacFarlane, M; Dickens, MJournal Article
Dec-2010Comparison of the regulation, metabolic functions, and roles in virulence of the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase homologues gapA and gapB in Staphylococcus aureus.Purves, J; Cockayne, A; Moody, PC; Morrissey, JAJournal Article
29-Jan-2010Mammalian SUN protein interaction networks at the inner nuclear membrane and their role in laminopathy disease processes.Haque, F; Mazzeo, D; Patel, JT; Smallwood, DT; Ellis, JA; Shanahan, CM; Shackleton, SJournal Article