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19-Nov-2016Pharmacological studies on the NOP and opioid receptor agonist PWT2-[Dmt1]N/OFQ(1-13)Cerlesi, Maria Camilla; Ding, Huiping; Bird, Mark F.; Kiguchi, Norikazu; Ferrari, Federica; Malfacini, Davide; Rizzi, Anna; Ruzza, Chiara; Lambert, David G.; Ko, Mei-Chuan; Calo, Girolamo; Guerrini, RemoJournal Article
19-Jun-2015A Novel Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 in Macrophage Differentiation and Polarization.Wen, Guanmei; Zhang, Cheng; Chen, Qishan; Luong, Le Anh; Mustafa, Arif; Ye, Shu; Xiao, QingzhongJournal Article
18-Nov-2016Sildenafil attenuates hypoxic pulmonary remodelling by inhibiting bone marrow progenitor cells.Favre, Shirley; Gambini, Elisa; Nigro, Patrizia; Scopece, Alessandro; Bianciardi, Paola; Caretti, Anna; Pompilio, Giulio; Corno, Antonio F.; Vassalli, Giuseppe; von Segesser, Ludwig K.; Samaja, Michele; Milano, GiuseppinaJournal Article
11-Apr-2017Fc-Optimized Anti-CD25 Depletes Tumor-Infiltrating Regulatory T Cells and Synergizes with PD-1 Blockade to Eradicate Established Tumors.Arce Vargas, Frederick; Furness, Andrew J. S.; Solomon, Isabelle; Joshi, Kroopa; Mekkaoui, Leila; Lesko, Marta H.; Miranda Rota, Enrique; Dahan, Rony; Georgiou, Andrew; Sledzinska, Anna; Ben Aissa, Assma; Franz, Dafne; Werner Sunderland, Mariana; Wong, Yien Ning Sophia; Henry, Jake Y.; O'Brien, Tim; Nicol, David; Challacombe, Ben; Beers, Stephen A.; Melanoma TRACERx Consortium; Renal TRACERx Consortium; Lung TRACERx Consortium; Turajlic, Samra; Gore, Martin; Larkin, James; Swanton, Charles; Chester, Kerry A.; Pule, Martin; Ravetch, Jeffrey V.; Marafioti, Teresa; Peggs, Karl S.; Quezada, Sergio A.Journal Article
Aug-2015Prediction error and trace dominance determine the fate of fear memories after post-training manipulations.Alfei, Joaquín M.; Ferrer Monti, Roque I.; Molina, Victor A.; Bueno, Adrián M.; Urcelay, Gonzalo P.Journal Article
17-Feb-2017Resuscitation-promoting factors are important determinants of the pathophysiology in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.Rosser, Andrew; Stover, Cordula; Pareek, Manish; Mukamolova, Galina V.Journal Article
21-Oct-2016Rapid Activation of Transforming Growth Factor β-Activated Kinase 1 in Chondrocytes by Phosphorylation and K(63) -Linked Polyubiquitination Upon Injury to Animal Articular Cartilage.Ismail, H. M.; Didangelos, Athanasios; Vincent, Tonia L.; Saklatvala, JeremyJournal Article
12-Oct-2016Feasibility of selection of antiarrhythmic drug treatment on the basis of arrhythmogenic mechanism — Relevance of electrical restitution, wavebreak and rotorsNg, Ghulam AndreJournal Article
11-Dec-2013Matrix metalloproteinase-8 promotes vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and neointima formation.Xiao, Qingzhong; Zhang, Feng; Grassia, Gianluca; Hu, Yanhua; Zhang, Zhongyi; Xing, Qiuru; Yin, Xiaoke; Maddaluno, Marcella; Drung, Binia; Schmidt, Boris; Maffia, Pasquale; Ialenti, Armando; Mayr, Manuel; Xu, Qingbo; Ye, ShuJournal Article
4-Feb-2018Interspecific studies of circadian genes period and timeless in Drosophila.Noreen, Shumaila; Pegoraro, Mirko; Nouroz, Faisal; Tauber, Eran; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Journal Article