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12-Oct-2004A comparison of the effects of Snoezelen and reminiscence therapy on the agitated behaviour of patients with dementiaBaillon, Sarah; Van Diepen, Erik; Prettyman, Richard; Redman, Julie; Rooke, Nan; Campbell, RowenaJournal Article
2009Beta-defensin-2 protein is a serum biomarker for disease activity in psoriasis and reaches biologically relevant concentrations in lesional skin.Jansen, P. A.; Rodijk-Olthuis, D.; Hollox, Edward J.; Kamsteeg, M.; Tjabringa, G. S.; de Jongh, G. J.; van Vlijmen-Willems, I. M.; Bergboer, J. G.; van Rossum, M. M.; de Jong, E. M.; den Heijer, M.; Evers, A. W.; Bergers, M.; Armour, J. A.; Zeeuwen, P. L.; Schalkwijk, J.Journal Article
18-Mar-2003How doctors record breaking bad news in ovarian cancerKirwan, J. M.; Tincello, Douglas G.; Lavender, T.; Kingston, R. E.Journal Article
May-2005Differences in attitudes between patients with primary colorectal cancer and patients with secondary colorectal cancer: is it reflected in their willingness to participate in drug trials?Garcea, G; Lloyd, T; Steward, W. P.; Dennison, A. R.; Berry, D. P.Journal Article
Mar-2008Assessment of a patient consultation questionnaire-based scoring system for stratification of outpatient risk of colorectal cancer.Rai, S; Ballal, M; Thomas, W. M.; Miller, A. S.; Jameson, J. S.; Steward, W. P.Journal Article
29-Dec-2005Rescue angioplasty after failed thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction.Gershlick, A. H.; Stephens-Lloyd, A.; Hughes, S.; Abrams, K. R.; Stevens, S. E.; Uren, N. G.; de Belder, A.; Davis, J.; Pitt, M.; Banning, A.; Baumbach, A.; Shiu, M. F.; Schofield, P.; Dawkins, K. D.; Henderson, R. A.; Oldroyd, K. G.; Wilcox, R.; REACT Trial InvestigatorsJournal Article
24-Apr-2008Home use of automated external defibrillators for sudden cardiac arrestBardy, G. H.; Lee, K. L.; Mark, D. B.; Poole, J. E.; Toff, W. D.; Tonkin, A. M.; Smith, W.; Dorian, P.; Packer, D. L.; White, R. D.; Longstreth, W. T.; Anderson, J.; Johnson, G.; Bischoff, E.; Yallop, J. J.; McNulty, S.; Ray, L. D.; Clapp-Channing, N. E.; Rosenberg, Y.; Schron, E. B.; HAT, InvestigatorsJournal Article
8-Aug-2000Advanced-stage cervix cancer: rapid tumour growth rather than late diagnosisSymonds, Raymond; Bolger, B.; Hole, D.; Mao, J. H.; Cooke, T.Journal Article