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Apr-2007Population level of unmet need for mental healthcare in Europe.Alonso, J; Codony, M; Kovess, V; Angermeyer, MC; Katz, SJ; Haro, JM; De Girolamo G; De Graaf R; Demyttenaere, K; Vilagut, G; Almansa, J; Lépine, JP; Brugha, TSJournal Article
Oct-2007Vascular remodeling is a feature of asthma and nonasthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis.Siddiqui, S; Sutcliffe, A; Shikotra, A; Woodman, L; Doe, C; McKenna, S; Wardlaw, A; Bradding, P; Pavord, I; Brightling, CJournal Article
Mar-2007The haemodynamic and metabolic effects of hypertonic-glucose and amino-acid-based peritoneal dialysis fluids.Selby, NM; Fialova, J; Burton, JO; McIntyre, CWJournal Article
Jun-2007Increased blood levels of IgG reactive with secreted Streptococcus pyogenes proteins in chronic plaque psoriasis.El-Rachkidy, RG; Hales, JM; Freestone, PP; Young, HS; Griffiths, CE; Camp, RDJournal Article
Dec-2007Association between neutrophilic airway inflammation and airflow limitation in adults with asthma.Shaw, DE; Berry, MA; Hargadon, B; McKenna, S; Shelley, MJ; Green, RH; Brightling, CE; Wardlaw, AJ; Pavord, IDJournal Article
Jul-2007Influence of noninvasive peripheral arterial blood pressure measurements on assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation.Sammons, EL; Samani, NJ; Smith, SM; Rathbone, WE; Bentley, S; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Jul-2007Is infrainguinal bypass grafting successful following failed angioplasty?Sandford, RM; Bown, MJ; Sayers, RD; London, JN; Naylor, AR; McCarthy, MJJournal Article
Aug-2007Risk factors for suicidality in Europe: results from the ESEMED study.Bernal, M; Haro, JM; Bernert, S; Brugha, T; de Graaf R; Bruffaerts, R; Lépine, JP; de Girolamo G; Vilagut, G; Gasquet, I; Torres, JV; Kovess, V; Heider, D; Neeleman, J; Kessler, R; Alonso, J; ESEMED/MHEDEA, InvestigatorsJournal Article
Jul-2007A prospective study of Quality of life in schizophrenia in three European countries.Heider, D; Angermeyer, MC; Winkler, I; Schomerus, G; Bebbington, PE; Brugha, T; Azorin, JM; Toumi, MJournal Article
Jul-2007A randomized controlled trial examining combinations of repaglinide, metformin and NPH insulin.Davies, MJ; Thaware, PK; Tringham, JR; Howe, J; Jarvis, J; Johnston, V; Kitchener, DL; Skinner, TC; McNally, PG; Lawrence, IGJournal Article