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Apr-2008Body mass index in adults with intellectual disability: distribution, associations and service implications: a population-based prevalence study.Bhaumik, S; Watson, JM; Thorp, CF; Tyrer, F; McGrother, CWJournal Article
Nov-2009Cause-specific mortality and death certificate reporting in adults with moderate to profound intellectual disability.Tyrer, F; McGrother, CJournal Article
Apr-2006Physical aggression towards others in adults with learning disabilities: prevalence and associated factors.Tyrer, F; McGrother, CW; Thorp, CF; Donaldson, M; Bhaumik, S; Watson, JM; Hollin, CJournal Article
Nov-2008Psychiatric service use and psychiatric disorders in adults with intellectual disability.Bhaumik, S; Tyrer, FC; McGrother, C; Ganghadaran, SKJournal Article
Sep-2007Ethnicity and quality of diabetes care in a health system with universal coverage: population-based cross-sectional survey in primary care.Gray, J; Millett, C; Saxena, S; Netuveli, G; Khunti, K; Majeed, AJournal Article
Nov-2008The novel genetic variant predisposing to coronary artery disease in the region of the PSRC1 and CELSR2 genes on chromosome 1 associates with serum cholesterol.Samani, NJ; Braund, PS; Erdmann, J; Götz, A; Tomaszewski, M; Linsel-Nitschke, P; Hajat, C; Mangino, M; Hengstenberg, C; Stark, K; Ziegler, A; Caulfield, M; Burton, PR; Schunkert, H; Tobin, MDJournal Article
Feb-2008Correlates of subjective quality of life in people with schizophrenia: findings from the EuroSC study.Marwaha, S; Johnson, S; Bebbington, P; Angermeyer, MC; Brugha, T; Azorin, JM; Kilian, R; Kornfeld, A; Toumi, M; EuroSC Study GroupJournal Article
Jun-2005Does increased use of private health care reduce the demand for NHS care? A prospective survey of general practice referrals.Mulvaney, C; Coupland, C; Wilson, A; Hammersley, V; Dyas, J; Carlisle, RJournal Article
Mar-2009Genome-wide association of early-onset myocardial infarction with single nucleotide polymorphisms and copy number variants.Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium; Kathiresan, S; Voight, BF; Purcell, S; Musunuru, K; Ardissino, D; Mannucci, PM; Anand, S; Engert, JC; Samani, NJ; Schunkert, H; Erdmann, J; Reilly, MP; Rader, DJ; Morgan, T; Spertus, JA; Stoll, M; Girelli, D; McKeown, PP; Patterson, CC; Siscovick, DS; O'Donnell, CJ; Elosua, R; Peltonen, L; Salomaa, V; Schwartz, SM; Melander, O; Altshuler, D; Ardissino, D; Merlini, PA; Berzuini, C; Bernardinelli, L; Peyvandi, F; Tubaro, M; Celli, P; Ferrario, M; Fetiveau, R; Marziliano, N; Casari, G; Galli, M; Ribichini, F; Rossi, M; Bernardi, F; Zonzin, P; Piazza, A; Mannucci, PM; Schwartz, SM; Siscovick, DS; Yee, J; Friedlander, Y; Elosua, R; Marrugat, J; Lucas, G; Subirana, I; Sala, J; Ramos, R; Kathiresan, S; Meigs, JB; Williams, G; Nathan, DM; MacRae, CA; O'Donnell, CJ; Salomaa, V; Havulinna, AS; Peltonen, L; Melander, O; Berglund, G; Voight, BF; Kathiresan, S; Hirschhorn, JN; Asselta, R; Duga, S; Spreafico, M; Musunuru, K; Daly, MJ; Purcell, S; Voight, BF; Purcell, S; Nemesh, J; Korn, JM; McCarroll, SA; Schwartz, SM; Yee, J; Kathiresan, S; Lucas, G; Subirana, I; Elosua, R; Surti, A; Guiducci, C; Gianniny, L; Mirel, D; Parkin, M; Burtt, N; Gabriel, SB; Samani, NJ; Thompson, JR; Braund, PS; Wright, BJ; Balmforth, AJ; Ball, SG; Hall, AS; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium; Schunkert, H; Erdmann, J; Linsel-Nitschke, P; Lieb, W; Ziegler, A; König, I; Hengstenberg, C; Fischer, M; Stark, K; Grosshennig, A; Preuss, M; Wichmann, HE; Schreiber, S; Schunkert, H; Samani, NJ; Erdmann, J; Ouwehand, W; Hengstenberg, C; Deloukas, P; Scholz, M; Cambien, F; Reilly, MP; Li, M; Chen, Z; Wilensky, R; Matthai, W; Qasim, A; Hakonarson, HH; Devaney, J; Burnett, MS; Pichard, AD; Kent, KM; Satler, L; Lindsay, JM; Waksman, R; Knouff, CW; Waterworth, DM; Walker, MC; Mooser, V; Epstein, SE; Rader, DJ; Scheffold, T; Berger, K; Stoll, M; Huge, A; Girelli, D; Martinelli, N; Olivieri, O; Corrocher, R; Morgan, T; Spertus, JA; McKeown, P; Patterson, CC; Schunkert, H; Erdmann, E; Linsel-Nitschke, P; Lieb, W; Ziegler, A; König, IR; Hengstenberg, C; Fischer, M; Stark, K; Grosshennig, A; Preuss, M; Wichmann, HE; Schreiber, S; Hólm, H; Thorleifsson, G; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Stefansson, K; Engert, JC; Do, R; Xie, C; Anand, S; Kathiresan, S; Ardissino, D; Mannucci, PM; Siscovick, D; O'Donnell, CJ; Samani, NJ; Melander, O; Elosua, R; Peltonen, L; Salomaa, V; Schwartz, SM; Altshuler, DJournal Article
2009Blood pressure in renal transplant recipients: are there independent predictors for achieving target blood pressure?Mason, J; Kleemann, F; Bankart, J; Medcalf, J; Carr, SJournal Article