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22-Apr-2017Early warning score independently predicts adverse outcome and mortality in patients with acute pancreatitis.Jones, Michael J.; Neal, Christopher P.; Ngu, Wee Sing; Dennison, Ashley R.; Garcea, GiuseppeJournal Article
17-Jan-2017Growth Hormone Deficiency Is Associated with Worse Cardiac Function, Physical Performance, and Outcome in Chronic Heart Failure: Insights from the T.O.S.CA. GHD Study.Arcopinto, M; Salzano, A; Giallauria, F; Bossone, E; Isgaard, J; Marra, AM; Bobbio, E; Vriz, O; Åberg, DN; Masarone, D; De Paulis, A; Saldamarco, L; Vigorito, C; Formisano, P; Niola, M; Perticone, F; Bonaduce, D; Saccà, L; Colao, A; Cittadini, A; T.O.S.CA. (Trattamento Ormonale Scompenso CArdiaco) InvestigatorsJournal Article
8-Oct-2015Screening for non-adherence to antihypertensive treatment as a part of the diagnostic pathway to renal denervation.Patel, P; Gupta, PKC; White, CMJ; Stanley, AG; Williams, B; Tomaszewski, MJournal Article
1-Aug-2017Effect of Oral Methylprednisolone on Clinical Outcomes in Patients With IgA Nephropathy: The TESTING Randomized Clinical Trial.Lv, J; Zhang, H; Wong, MG; Jardine, MJ; Hladunewich, M; Jha, V; Monaghan, H; Zhao, M; Barbour, S; Reich, H; Cattran, D; Glassock, R; Levin, A; Wheeler, D; Woodward, M; Billot, L; Chan, TM; Liu, Z-H; Johnson, DW; Cass, A; Feehally, J; Floege, J; Remuzzi, G; Wu, Y; Agarwal, R; Wang, H-Y; Perkovic, V; TESTING Study GroupJournal Article
20-Jun-2016Multicentre prospective cohort study of body mass index and postoperative complications following gastrointestinal surgery.STARSurg CollaborativeJournal Article
3-Mar-2015The Reliability and Validity of the Clinical Perfectionism Questionnaire in Eating Disorder and Community Samples.Egan, SJ; Shafran, R; Lee, M; Fairburn, CG; Cooper, Z; Doll, HA; Palmer, RL; Watson, HJJournal Article
16-Mar-2017A data-driven approach links microglia to pathology and prognosis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Cooper-Knock, J; Green, C; Altschuler, G; Wei, W; Bury, JJ; Heath, PR; Wyles, M; Gelsthorpe, C; Highley, JR; Lorente-Pons, A; Beck, T; Doyle, K; Otero, K; Traynor, B; Kirby, J; Shaw, PJ; Hide, WJournal Article
23-Oct-2018Long-term Rate of Mesh Sling Removal Following Midurethral Mesh Sling Insertion Among Women With Stress Urinary Incontinence.Gurol-Urganci, I; Geary, RS; Mamza, JB; Duckett, J; El-Hamamsy, D; Dolan, L; Tincello, DG; van der Meulen, JJournal Article
6-Jun-2016Midlife Risk Factors for Impaired Physical and Cognitive Functioning at Older Ages: A Cohort Study.Brunner, EJ; Welch, CA; Shipley, MJ; Ahmadi-Abhari, S; Singh-Manoux, A; Kivimäki, MJournal Article
28-Aug-2018Infectious disease testing of UK-bound refugees: a population-based, cross-sectional study.Crawshaw, AF; Pareek, M; Were, J; Schillinger, S; Gorbacheva, O; Wickramage, KP; Mandal, S; Delpech, V; Gill, N; Kirkbride, H; Zenner, DJournal Article