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Nov-1995Resolution-dependent estimates of lesion volumes in magnetic resonance imaging studies of the brain in multiple sclerosis.Filippi, M; Horsfield, MA; Campi, A; Mammi, S; Pereira, C; Comi, GJournal Article
Jun-1994Regulation of intracellular creatine in erythrocytes and myoblasts: influence of uraemia and inhibition of Na,K-ATPase.Bennett, SE; Bevington, A; Walls, JJournal Article
1990The prevalence of age related cataract in the Asian community in Leicester: a community based study.Das, BN; Thompson, JR; Patel, R; Rosenthal, ARJournal Article
Nov-1996Crossed aphasia and related anomalies of cerebral organization: case reports and a genetic hypothesis.Alexander, MP; Annett, MJournal Article
May-1998Potent T cell stimulatory material with antigenic properties in stratum corneum of normal human skin.Hales, JM; Camp, RDJournal Article
Jan-1998Rate of decline in renal function in Indo-Asians and Whites with diabetic nephropathy.Koppiker, N; Feehally, J; Raymond, N; Abrams, KR; Burden, ACJournal Article
Apr-1998Uptake mechanisms for ascorbate and dehydroascorbate in lymphoblasts from diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive patients.Ng, LL; Ngkeekwong, FC; Quinn, PA; Davies, JEJournal Article
May-1998Arteriovenous fistula using transposed basilic vein.Butterworth, PC; Doughman, TM; Wheatley, TJ; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jun-1991In vitro responsiveness to serum growth factors is inversely related to in vivo malignancy in human thyroid epithelial cells.Dawson, T. P.; Wyllie, F. S.; Wynford-Thomas, D.Journal Article