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9-Oct-1997Telomerase. Cancer and the knockout mouse.Wynford-Thomas, D; Kipling, DJournal Article
17-Dec-1998Resistance-modifying agents. 5. Synthesis and biological properties of quinazolinone inhibitors of the DNA repair enzyme poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP).Griffin, RJ; Srinivasan, S; Bowman, K; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Newell, DR; Pemberton, LC; Golding, BTJournal Article
Aug-1997Denitrification of the genotoxicant 2-nitropropane: relationship to its mechanism of toxicity.Kohl, C; Gescher, AJournal Article
Apr-1999Telomere-dependent senescence.Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJ; Akbar, A; Aspinall, R; Bacchetti, S; Blasco, MA; Broccoli, D; DePinho, RA; Edwards, DR; Effros, RB; Harley, CB; Lansdorp, PM; Linskens, MH; Prowse, KR; Newbold, RF; Olovnikov, AM; Parkinson, EK; Pawelec, G; Pontén, J; Shall, S; Zijlmans, M; Faragher, RGJournal Article
Jun-1997The isoflavones equol and genistein do not induce xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes in mouse and in human cells.Helsby, NA; Williams, J; Kerr, D; Gescher, A; Chipman, JKJournal Article
26-Mar-1996Expressing functional domains of mouse calponin: involvement of the region around alanine 145 in the actomyosin ATPase inhibitory activity of calponin.el-Mezgueldi, M; Strasser, P; Fattoum, A; Gimona, MJournal Article
1-Jan-1998Engagement of human PECAM-1 (CD31) on human endothelial cells increases intracellular calcium ion concentration and stimulates prostacyclin release.Gurubhagavatula, I; Amrani, Y; Pratico, D; Ruberg, FL; Albelda, SM; Panettieri, RAJournal Article
Dec-1997Circadian rhythms: from behaviour to molecules.Rosato, E; Piccin, A; Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
9-Jul-1999Potentiation of the cytotoxicity of thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitors by dipyridamole analogues with reduced alpha1-acid glycoprotein binding.Curtin, N. J.; Bowman, Karen Julia; Turner, R. N.; Huang, B.; Loughlin, P. J.; Calvert, A. H.; Golding, B. T.; Griffin, R. J.; Newell, D. R.Journal Article
1-Nov-1996Talin contains three actin-binding sites each of which is adjacent to a vinculin-binding site.Hemmings, L.; Rees, D. J.; Ohanian, V.; Bolton, S. J.; Gilmore, A. P.; Patel, B.; Priddle, H.; Trevithick, J. E.; Hynes, R. O.; Critchley, D. R.Journal Article