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6-Apr-2015Diverse coupling of neurons to populations in sensory cortexOkun, Michael; Steinmetz, Nicholas A.; Cossell, Lee; Iacaruso, M. Florencia; Ko, Ho; Barthó, Peter; Moore, Tirin; Hofer, Sonja B.; Mrsic-Flogel, Thomas D.; Carandini, Matteo; Harris, Kenneth D.Journal Article
13-Aug-2015p75(NTR)-dependent activation of NF-κB regulates microRNA-503 transcription and pericyte-endothelial crosstalk in diabetes after limb ischaemia.Caporali, Andrea; Meloni, Marco; Nailor, Audrey; Mitić, Tijana; Shantikumar, Saran; Riu, Federica; Sala-Newby, Graciela B.; Rose, Lorraine; Besnier, Marie; Katare, Rajesh; Voellenkle, Christine; Verkade, Paul; Martelli, Fabio; Madeddu, Paolo; Emanueli, CostanzaJournal Article
12-Jul-2016Involvement of the agmatinergic system in the depressive-like phenotype of the Crtc1 knockout mouse model of depression.Meylan, E. M.; Breuillaud, L.; Seredenina, T.; Magistretti, P. J.; Halfon, O.; Luthi-Carter, Ruth; Cardinaux, J-R.Journal Article
4-Jan-2018Targeting the CoREST complex with dual histone deacetylase and demethylase inhibitorsKalin, J. H.; Wu, M.; Gomez, A. V.; Song, Yun; Das, J.; Hayward, D.; Adejola, N.; Wu, M.; Panova, I.; Chung, H. J.; Kim, E.; Roberts, H. J.; Roberts, J. M.; Prusevich, P.; Jeliazkov, J. R.; Roy Burman, S. S.; Fairall, Louise; Milano, Charles; Eroglu, A.; Proby, C. M.; Dinkova-Kostova, A. T.; Hancock, W. W.; Gray, J. J.; Bradner, J. E.; Valente, S.; Mai, A.; Anders, N. M.; Rudek, M. A.; Hu, Y.; Ryu, B.; Schwabe, John W. R.; Mattevi, A.; Alani, R. M.; Cole, P. A.Journal Article
3-Mar-2017Inhibition of KLF5-Myo9b-RhoA Pathway-Mediated Podosome Formation in Macrophages Ameliorates Abdominal Aortic AneurysmMa, Dong; Zheng, Bin; Suzuki, Toru; Zhang, Ruonan; Jiang, Chunyang; Bai, Disi; Yin, Weina; Yang, Zhan; Zhang, Xinhua; Hou, Lianguo; Zhan, Hong; Wen, Jin-kunJournal Article
12-Feb-2015RBM3 mediates structural plasticity and protective effects of cooling in neurodegenerationPeretti, D; Bastide, A; Radford, H; Verity, N; Molloy, C; Martin, MG; Moreno, JA; Steinert, JR; Smith, T; Dinsdale, D; Willis, AE; Mallucci, GRJournal Article
4-Feb-2014TAp73 is required for spermatogenesis and the maintenance of male fertilityInoue, S; Tomasini, R; Rufini, A; Elia, AJ; Agostini, M; Amelio, I; Cescon, D; Dinsdale, D; Zhou, L; Harris, IS; Lac, S; Silvester, J; Li, WY; Sasaki, M; Haight, J; Brüstle, A; Wakeham, A; McKerlie, C; Jurisicova, A; Melino, G; Mak, TWJournal Article
22-Sep-2014Left-right dissociation of hippocampal memory processes in miceShipton, OA; El-Gaby, M; Apergis-Schoute, J; Deisseroth, K; Bannerman, DM; Paulsen, O; Kohl, MMJournal Article
16-May-2018Bitopic Binding Mode of an M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist Associated with Adverse Clinical Trial Outcomes.Bradley, SJ; Molloy, C; Bundgaard, C; Mogg, AJ; Thompson, KJ; Dwomoh, L; Sanger, HE; Crabtree, MD; Brooke, SM; Sexton, PM; Felder, CC; Christopoulos, A; Broad, LM; Tobin, AB; Langmead, CJJournal Article
28-Nov-2016Repression of telomere-associated genes by microglia activation in neuropsychiatric disease.Kronenberg, G; Uhlemann, R; Schöner, J; Wegner, S; Boujon, V; Deigendesch, N; Endres, M; Gertz, KJournal Article