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1-Nov-1998A potential role for angiotensin II-induced vascular endothelial growth factor expression in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy?Williams, BJournal Article
1-Apr-1999Diabetes and cardiovascular disease Titanic and the iceberg - Proceedings of a Satellite Symposium held during the 34th Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, 8-12 September 1998, Barcelona - IntroductionWilliams, BJournal Article
1-Apr-2000Angiotensin II antagonists for hypertension: Are there differences in efficacy?Conlin, PR; Spence, JD; Williams, B; Ribeiro, AB; Saito, I; Benedict, C; Bunt, AMGJournal Article
1-Dec-2000Increased augmentation index and systolic stress in type 1 diabetes mellitusSiebenhofer, A; Sutton, AJ; Williams, BJournal Article
1-Oct-2006Lifestyle interventions to reduce raised blood pressure - ReplyDickinson, HO; Mason, JM; Nicolson, DJ; Beyer, FR; Williams, B; Ford, GAJournal Article
1-Sep-2007Consensus conference on early chronic kidney disease - ForewordRodger, RSC; Williams, BJournal Article
1-Sep-1997Glucose-induced protein kinase C activation regulates vascular permeability factor mRNA expression and peptide production by human vascular smooth muscle cells in vitroWilliams, B; Gallacher, B; Patel, H; Orme, CJournal Article
1-Jun-1998The diagnosis of Liddle syndrome by identification of a mutation in the beta subunit of the epithelial sodium channelJackson, SNJ; Williams, B; Houtman, P; Trembath, RCJournal Article