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1-Feb-2000Effect of acute rejection on expression of fibrosis associated genes in renal transplant recipientsWhite, SA; Bicknell, GR; Jain, S; Williams, ST; Doughman, T; Furness, P; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-Feb-2000Renal tubular epithelial cells tolerate prolonged warm ischaemia in vitroButterworth, PC; Mistry, N; Horsburgh, T; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
15-May-2000The role of transforming growth factor beta in chronic renal allograft nephropathyJain, S; Furness, PN; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
15-May-2001Strategies for meaningful measurement of circulating levels of transforming growth factor beta 1 in clinical samples - ResponseJain, S; Furness, PN; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-Jan-1996A prospective randomised study of the effect of nicardipine on ischaemic renal injury in renal allograftsNicholson, ML; Veitch, PS; Bell, PRFJournal Article
1-Aug-1996Early measurement of interstitial fibrosis predicts long-term renal function and graft survival in renal transplantationNicholson, ML; McCulloch, TA; Harper, SJ; Wheatley, TJ; Edwards, CM; Feehally, J; Furness, PNJournal Article
1-Aug-1996Prevention of voice change in singers undergoing thyroidectomy by using a nerve stimulator to identify the external laryngeal nerveChoksy, SA; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-Dec-1997Outcome of referrals to a non-heart-beating kidney retrieval team over a 5-year periodElwell, R; Ward, K; James, C; Butterworth, PC; Veitch, PS; Bell, PRF; Doughman, TM; Wheatley, TJ; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-Dec-1997Are kidneys from non-heart-beating donors second class organs?Butterworth, PC; Taub, N; Doughman, TM; Horsburgh, T; Veitch, PS; Bell, PRF; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
1-Apr-1997Postoperative regional analgesia following basilic vein transposition for vascular accessButterworth, PC; Swanevelder, J; Doughman, T; Wheatley, TJ; Nicholson, MLJournal Article