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13-Mar-2008Addition of insulin to oral therapy in type 2 diabetes - ReplyHolman, R. R.; Farmer, A. J.; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
21-Aug-2014Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the Cop9 Signalosome CSN5/CSN6 HeterodimerBirol, M.; Enchev, R. I.; Padilla, A.; Stengel, F.; Aebersold, R.; Betzi, S.; Yang, Y.; Hoh, F.; Peter, M.; Dumas, C.; Echalier, Aude Marie Pauline ChristineJournal Article
1-Jan-2006Functional analysis of altered Tenascin isoform expression in breast cancerAlcock, R. A.; Pringle, J. H.; Shaw, J. A.; Holliday, D. L.; Allen, M.; Walker, R. A.; Jones, J. L.Journal Article
24-Mar-2007Correction: Management of bleeding following major trauma: a European guidelineSpahn, D. R.; Cerny, V.; Coats, Timothy J.; Duranteau, J.; Fernandez-Mondejar, E.; Gordini, G.; Stahel, P. F.; Hunt, B. J.; Komadina, R.; Neugebauer, E.; Ozier, Y.; Riddez, L.; Schultz, A.; Vincent, J-L.; Rossaint, R.Journal Article
1-Aug-1999Comparative hazards of chrysotile asbestos and its substitutes: a European perspectiveHarrison, Paul T.C.; Levy, Leonard S.; Patrick, Graham; Pigott, G. H.; Smith, Lewis L.Journal Article
23-Mar-2015Identification and evolutionary genomics of novel LTR retrotransposons in BrassicaNouroz, Faisal; Noreen, Shumaila; Heslop-Harrison, John SeymourJournal Article
26-May-2001Peak expiratory flow sequence in acute exacerbations of asthmaBirring, Surinder S.; Heartin, Ernest; Williams, Tim J.; Brightling, Christopher E.; Pavord, Ian D.Journal Article
23-Apr-2013Properdin and factor H: opposing players on the alternative complement pathway "see-saw"Kouser, L.; Abdul-Aziz, M.; Nayak, A.; Stover, Cordula M.; Sim, R. B.; Kishore, U.Journal Article
22-Feb-2015Transfusion Indication Threshold Reduction (TITRe2) randomized controlled trial in cardiac surgery: statistical analysis planPike, K.; Nash, R. L.; Murphy, Gavin James; Reeves, B. C.; Rogers, C. A.Journal Article
31-Dec-2014Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases attenuates brain damage in experimental meningococcal meningitisRicci, S.; Grandgirard, D.; Wenzel, M.; Braccini, T.; Salvatore, P.; Oggioni, Marco Rinaldo; Leib, S. L.; Koedel, U.Journal Article