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15-Dec-2015Sildenafil Therapy Normalizes the Aberrant Metabolomic Profile in the Comt-/- Mouse Model of Preeclampsia/Fetal Growth RestrictionStanley, J. L.; Sulek, K.; Andersson, I. J.; Davidge, S. T.; Kenny, L. C.; Sibley, C. P.; Mandal, R.; Wishart, D. S.; Broadhurst, D. I.; Baker, Philip NewtonJournal Article
12-Mar-2014A multi-centre randomised controlled trial of Transfusion Indication Threshold Reduction on transfusion rates, morbidity and healthcare resource use following cardiac surgery: Study protocolBrierley, R. C. M.; Pike, K.; Miles, A.; Wordsworth, S.; Stokes, E. A.; Mumford, A. D.; Cohen, A.; Angelini, G. D.; Murphy, Gavin James; Rogers, C. A.; Reeves, B. C.Journal Article
1-Jan-1998Combination studies with gemcitabine in the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancerSteward, WPJournal Article
18-May-2010A TRAIL-R1-specific ligand in combination with doxorubicin selectively targets primary breast tumour cells for apoptosisTwiddy, D.; Naik, S.; Mistry, R.; Edwards, J.; Walker, Rosemary Ann; Cohen, G. M.; MacFarlane, M.Conference Paper
20-Sep-2012A Unique Protein Phosphatase with Kelch-Like Domains (PPKL) in Plasmodium Modulates Ookinete Differentiation, Motility and InvasionGuttery, D. S.; Poulin, B.; Ferguson, D. J. P.; Szoeor, B.; Wickstead, B.; Carroll, P. L.; Ramakrishnan, C.; Brady, D.; Patzewitz, E-M.; Straschil, U.; Solyakov, L.; Green, J. L.; Sinden, R. E.; Tobin, Andrew B.; Holder, A. A.; Tewari, R.Journal Article
3-Nov-2008Maternal caffeine intake during pregnancy and risk of fetal growth restriction: a large prospective observational studyBoylan, S.; Cade, J. E.; Dolby, V. A.; Greenwood, D. C.; Hay, A. W. M.; Kirk, S. F. L.; Shires, S.; Simpson, N.; Thomas, J. D.; Walker, J.; White, K. L. M.; Wild, C. P.; Potdar, N.; Konje, J. C.; Taub, N.; Charvill, J.; Chipps, K. C.; Kassam, S.; Ghandi, C.; Cooke, M. S.Journal Article
1-Feb-2016Bacteriophage Combinations Significantly Reduce Clostridium difficile Growth In Vitro and Proliferation In VivoNale, Janet Y.; Spencer, Janice; Hargreaves, Katherine R.; Buckley, Anthony M.; Trzepinski, Przemysław; Douce, Gillian R.; Clokie, Martha R. J.Journal Article
1-Feb-2016Physical Activity, Inactivity, and Health During YouthRowlands, Alex V.Journal Article
11-Jul-2005Characterization of expressed sequence tags from a Gallus gallus pineal gland cDNA libraryHartman, Stefanie; Touchton, Greg; Wynn, Jessica; Geng, Tuoyu; Chong, Nelson W.; Smith, EdJournal Article
19-Feb-2016Characterization and Diversity of Novel PIF/Harbinger DNA Transposons in Brassica GenomesNouroz, Faisal; Noreen, Shumaila; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. (Pat)Journal Article