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21-Nov-2016Glucose concentrations of less than 3.0 mmol/l (54 mg/dl) should be reported in clinical trials: a joint position statement of the American Diabetes Association and the Europian Association for the Study of DiabetesAmiel, Stephanie A.; Aschner, Pablo; Childs, Belinda; Cryer, Philip E.; de Galan, Bastiaan E.; Heller, Simon R.; Frier, Brian M.; Gonder-Frederick, Linda; Jones, Timothy; Khunti, Kamlesh; Leiter, Lawrence A.; McCrimmon, Rory J.; Luo, Yingying; Seaquist, Elizabeth R.; Vigersky, Robert; Zoungas, SophiaJournal Article
20-Nov-2014Predictive models for kidney disease: improving global outcomes (KDIGO) defined acute kidney injury in UK cardiac surgeryBirnie, K.; Verheyden, Veerle; Pagano, D.; Bhabra, M.; Tilling, K.; Sterne, J. A.; Murphy, Gavin J.Journal Article
27-May-2016The Role of Active Site Flexible Loops in Catalysis and of Zinc in Conformational Stability of Bacillus cereus 569/H/9 β-LactamaseMontagner, Caroline; Nigen, Michaël; Jacquin, Olivier; Willet, Nicolas; Dumoulin, Mireille; Karsisiotis, Andreas Ioannis; Roberts, Gordon C. K.; Damblon, Christian; Redfield, Christina; Matagne, AndréJournal Article
17-Feb-2017dATF4 regulation of mitochondrial folate-mediated one-carbon metabolism is neuroprotectiveCelardo, Ivana; Lehmann, Susann; Costa, Ana C.; Loh, Samantha H. Y.; Martins, L. MiguelJournal Article
30-Jun-2016Late Survival in Nonoperated Patients with Infrarenal Abdominal Aortic AneurysmScott, S. W. M.; Batchelder, A. J.; Kirkbride, D.; Naylor, A. R.; Thompson, J. P.Journal Article
21-Sep-2016Identifying adults' valid waking wear time by automated estimation in activPAL data collected with a 24 h wear protocolWinkler, Elisabeth A. H.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Healy, Genevieve N.; Bakrania, Kishan; Yates, Thomas; Owen, Neville; Dunstan, David W.; Edwardson, Charlotte L.Journal Article
23-Feb-2017Cardiovascular risk in patients with small abdominal aortic aneurysmsSaratzis, Athanasios; Sidloff, David; Bown, Matthew J.Journal Article
3-Sep-2015Electron transfer dissociation of native peptides facilitates enhanced identification of urinary peptidesHart, S. R.; Kenny, L. C.; Myers, J. E.; Baker, Philip NewtonJournal Article
30-May-2017Cryptochrome Is a Regulator of Synaptic Plasticity in the Visual System of Drosophila melanogasterDamulewicz, Milena; Mazzotta, Gabriella M.; Sartori, Elena; Rosato, Ezio; Costa, Rodolfo; Pyza, Elzbieta M.Journal Article
1-Sep-2017Metformin reverses TRAP1 mutation-associated alterations in mitochondrial function in Parkinson's diseaseFitzgerald, Julia C.; Zimprich, Alexander; Berrio, Daniel A. Carvajal; Schindler, Kevin M.; Maurer, Brigitte; Schulte, Claudia; Bus, Christine; Hauser, Anne-Katrin; Kübler, Manuela; Lewin, Rahel; Bobbili, Dheeraj Reddy; Schwarz, Lisa M.; Vartholomaiou, Evangelia; Brockmann, Kathrin; Wüst, Richard; Madlung, Johannes; Nordheim, Alfred; Riess, Olaf; Martins, L. Miguel; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Schenke-Layland, Katja; Picard, Didier; Sharma, Manu; Gasser, Thomas; Krüger, RejkoJournal Article