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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018PrefaceZhou, HuiyuJournal Article
28-Dec-2018What do European women know about their female cancer risks and cancer screening? A cross-sectional online intervention survey in five European countriesWegwarth, O; Widschwendter, M; Cibula, D; Sundstroem, K; Portuesi, R; Lein, I; Rebitschek, FG; Dillner, J; Zikan, M; Bjorge, L; Colombo, N; Hadwin, R; Harbeck, N; Dudbridge, F; Steyerberg, E; de Beaufort, I; Siebert, U; Sroczynski, G; Leimbach, A; Paprotka, T; Jones, AJournal Article
1-Dec-2018Observing the natural history of blood pressure variability following acute stroke and TIAAppiah, K; Manning, L; Davison, W; Mazzucco, S; Potter, JF; Rothwell, P; Panerai, RB; Haunton, V; Robinson, TGConference Paper
15-Sep-2018Asthma reviews in primary care which include spirometry lead to improved asthma control in childrenLo, D; Danvers, L; Roland, D; Richardson, M; Yang, Y; Beardsmore, C; Wilson, A; Gaillard, EConference Paper
21-May-2018Transfusion triggers in cardiac surgery: Where do we go from here?Patel, Nishith N.; Murphy, Gavin J.Journal Article
26-May-2018Drugs acting on the heart: heart failure and coronary insufficiencyCharlton, Matthew; Thompson, Jonathan P.Journal Article
26-May-2018Metabolomic profiling of maternal hair suggests rapid development of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancyde Seymour, Jamie V.; Tu, Stephanie; He, Xiaoling; Zhang, Hua; Han, Ting-Li; Baker, Philip N.; Sulek, KarolinaJournal Article
28-May-2018Drugs acting on the heart: antiarrhythmicsHebbes, C; Thompson, JPJournal Article
28-May-2018Drugs acting on the heart: antihypertensive drugsCharlton, Matthew; Thompson, JonathanJournal Article
6-Dec-2017Parametric response map registered CT feature and small airway physiology analysis in asthmaBell, A; Richardson, M; Singapuri, A; Mirkes, E; Gorban, A; Galban, C; van den Berge, M; Brightling, C; Siddiqui, SConference Paper