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30-May-2019Dual PPAR╬▒/╬│ agonist aleglitazar confers stroke protection in a model of mild focal brain ischemia in mice.Boujon, V; Uhlemann, R; Wegner, S; Wright, MB; Laufs, U; Endres, M; Kronenberg, G; Gertz, KJournal Article
1-Mar-2019Macular Dystrophy and Cone-Rod Dystrophy Caused by Mutations in the RP1 Gene: Extending the RP1 Disease Spectrum.Verbakel, SK; van Huet, RAC; den Hollander, AI; Geerlings, MJ; Kersten, E; Klevering, BJ; Klaver, CCW; Plomp, AS; Wesseling, NL; Bergen, AAB; Nikopoulos, K; Rivolta, C; Ikeda, Y; Sonoda, K-H; Wada, Y; Boon, CJF; Nakazawa, T; Hoyng, CB; Nishiguchi, KMJournal Article
20-Feb-2019Universal antenatal screening for group B streptococcus may cause more harm than good.Seedat, F; Geppert, J; Stinton, C; Patterson, J; Freeman, K; Johnson, SA; Fraser, H; Brown, CS; Uthman, OA; Tan, B; Robinson, ER; McCarthy, ND; Clarke, A; Marshall, J; Visintin, C; Mackie, A; Taylor-Phillips, SJournal Article
18-Mar-2019Assessment of the anterior segment of patients with primary congenital glaucoma using handheld optical coherence tomography.Pilat, AV; Proudlock, FA; Shah, S; Sheth, V; Purohit, R; Abbot, J; Gottlob, IJournal Article
12-Mar-2019A multi-component intervention to sit less and move more in a contact centre setting: a feasibility study.Morris, AS; Murphy, RC; Shepherd, SO; Healy, GN; Edwardson, CL; Graves, LEFJournal Article
26-Feb-2019Transcriptional gene silencing requires dedicated interaction between HP1 protein Chp2 and chromatin remodeler Mit1.Leopold, Karoline; Stirpe, Alessandro; Schalch, ThomasJournal Article
14-Feb-2019Role of intestinal microecology in the regulation of energy metabolism by dietary polyphenols and their metabolites.Lin, S; Wang, Z; Lam, K-L; Zeng, S; Tan, BK; Hu, JJournal Article
5-Feb-2019Complement Dependent and Independent Interaction Between Bovine Conglutinin and Mycobacterium bovis BCG: Implications in Bovine Tuberculosis.Mehmood, A; Kouser, L; Kaur, A; Holmskov, U; Al-Ahdal, MN; Sim, RB; Kishore, U; Tsolaki, AGJournal Article
13-Nov-2018p53 mutants cooperate with HIF-1 in transcriptional regulation of extracellular matrix components to promote tumor progression.Amelio, I; Mancini, M; Petrova, V; Cairns, RA; Vikhreva, P; Nicolai, S; Marini, A; Antonov, AA; Le Quesne, J; Baena Acevedo, JD; Dudek, K; Sozzi, G; Pastorino, U; Knight, RA; Mak, TW; Melino, GJournal Article
4-Mar-2019A hierarchical modelling approach to assess multi pollutant effects in time-series studies.Blangiardo, M; Pirani, M; Kanapka, L; Hansell, A; Fuller, GJournal Article