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14-Aug-2018Do worse baseline risk factors explain the association of healthy obesity with increased mortality risk? Whitehall II StudyJohnson, William; Bell, Joshua A.; Robson, Ellie; Norris, Tom; Kivimäki, Mika; Hamer, MarkJournal Article
10-Nov-2015Sedentary Sphere: Wrist-Worn Accelerometer-Brand Independent Posture ClassificationRowlands, Alexander Viktor; Yates, Thomas; Olds, T. S.; Davies, Melanie; Khunti, Kamlesh; Edwardson, Charlotte L.Journal Article
30-May-2019Minimum important difference of the incremental shuttle walk test distance in patients with COPD.Evans, Rachael A.; Singh, Sally J.Journal Article
26-Jun-2019A novel form of glycolytic metabolism‐dependent cardioprotection revealed by PKCα and β inhibitionBrennan, S; Chen, S; Makwana, S; Martin, C; Sims, M; Alonazi, A; Willets, J; Squire, I; Rainbow, RJournal Article
6-Jun-2019Patient Perceptions of Living with Severe Asthma: Challenges to Effective Management.Apps, LD; Chantrell, S; Majd, S; Eglinton, E; Singh, SJ; Murphy, AC; Bradding, P; Green, RH; Hudson, N; Evans, RAJournal Article
16-Oct-2018Preferred learning modalities and practice for critical skills: a global survey of paediatric emergency medicine cliniciansCraig, SS; Auerbach, M; Cheek, JA; Babl, FE; Oakley, E; Nguyen, L; Rao, A; Dalton, S; Lyttle, MD; Mintegi, S; Nagler, J; Mistry, RD; Dixon, A; Rino, P; Kohn-Loncarica, G; Dalziel, SR; Tzimenatos, L; Mistry, R; Brown, K; Powell, E; Nagler, J; Cortis, A; Zamarripa, A; Schnadower, D; Jamal, N; Stanley, R; Weiss, A; Hickey, RW; Nelson, D; Pearce, J; Pruitt, C; Bulloch, B; Carstairs, K; Aronson, P; Fishe, J; Krause, E; Louie, J; Randell, K; Sivitz, A; Fein, D; Krief, W; Waseem, M; Vazquez, H; Arnold, D; Hennes, H; Wilkinson, M; Klein, E; Millar, K; Grewal, S; Reid, S; Fitzpatrick, E; Kids, S; Principi, T; Sawyer, S; Mackenzie, L; Messahel, S; Parikh, A; Hartshorn, S; Lavigne-Smith, H; Taylor, F; Cowton, A; Dougherty, T; Criddle, J; Cantle, F; Darby, D; Hoyle, A; Roland, D; Owens, S; Gough, C; Bevan, C; Robinson, G; Florey, E; Potier, K; Burke, D; Mullen, N; Bayreuther, J; Jacobs, M; Anderson, M; Blackburn, C; Bolger, T; Mc Namara, R; Maney, J-A; Patton, G; Mulligan, J; Alcock, R; Foster, S; Browning, J; Powell, C; Roberts, Z; Dickson-Jardine, K; Neutze, J; Dalziel, S; Zhang, M; Rao, A; Dalton, S; Phillips, N; George, S; Furyk, J; Kochar, A; Craig, S; Babl, F; Borland, M; Van de Voorde, P; Enfants, N; Malades, H; Cheron, G; Mintegi, S; de Pedro, J; Velasco, R; Maranon, RJournal Article
28-Jun-2019A frequent variant in the Japanese population determines quasi-Mendelian inheritance of rare retinal ciliopathy.Nikopoulos, K; Cisarova, K; Quinodoz, M; Koskiniemi-Kuendig, H; Miyake, N; Farinelli, P; Rehman, AU; Khan, MI; Prunotto, A; Akiyama, M; Kamatani, Y; Terao, C; Miya, F; Ikeda, Y; Ueno, S; Fuse, N; Murakami, A; Wada, Y; Terasaki, H; Sonoda, K-H; Ishibashi, T; Kubo, M; Cremers, FPM; Kutalik, Z; Matsumoto, N; Nishiguchi, KM; Nakazawa, T; Rivolta, CJournal Article
16-May-2019Rehabilitation in lung diseases: 'Education' component of pulmonary rehabilitation.Blackstock, Felicity C.; Evans, Rachael A.Journal Article
19-Jul-2018Relationship between baseline physical activity assessed by pedometer count and new-onset diabetes in the NAVIGATOR trial.Kraus, WE; Yates, T; Tuomilehto, J; Sun, J-L; Thomas, L; McMurray, JJV; Bethel, MA; Holman, RRJournal Article
1-Jul-2019Efficient Protein Digestion at Elevated Temperature in the Presence of SDS and Calcium Ions for Membrane Proteomics.Loraine, J; Alhumaidan, O; Bottrill, A; Mistry, S; Andrew, P; Mukamolova, G; Turapov, OJournal Article