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26-Sep-2018Networks of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms Across Development.McElroy, E; Fearon, P; Belsky, J; Fonagy, P; Patalay, PJournal Article
2019Congenital cardiac surgery and parental perception of risk; a quantitative analysisLotto, R; Jones, I; Seaton, S; Dhannapuneni, R; Guerrero, R; Lotto, AJournal Article
8-Nov-2018Sputum Moraxella catarrhalis strains exhibit diversity within and between COPD subjects.George, LM; Haigh, RD; Mistry, V; Haldar, K; Barer, MR; Oggioni, MR; Brightling, CEJournal Article
2019A systematic review investigating the identification, causes and outcomes of delays in the management of chronic limb threatening ischaemia and diabetic foot ulcerationNickinson, A; Bridgwood, B; Houghton, J; Nduwayo, S; Pepper, C; Payne, T; Bown, M; Davies, RSM; Sayers, RJournal Article
26-May-2017Homotypic and heterotypic psychopathological continuity: a child cohort study.Shevlin, Mark; McElroy, Eoin; Murphy, JamieJournal Article
14-Mar-2019Structure and Connectivity of Depressive Symptom Networks Corresponding to Early Treatment Response.McElroy, Eoin; Napoleone, Elisa; Wolpert, Miranda; Patalay, PraveethaJournal Article
2-Dec-2017Developmental stability of general and specific factors of psychopathology from early childhood to adolescence: dynamic mutualism or p-differentiation?McElroy, E; Belsky, J; Carragher, N; Fearon, P; Patalay, PJournal Article
5-Aug-2019A specific proteinase 3 activity footprint in α1-antitrypsin deficiencyNewby, P; Crossley, D; Stockley, J; Mumford, R; Carter, R; Bolton, C; Hopkinson, N; Mahadeva, R; Steiner, M; Wilkinson, T; Sapey, E; Stockley, RJournal Article
5-Aug-2019Time to NIV and mortality in AECOPD hospital admissions: an observational study into real world insights from National COPD AuditsJayadev, A; Stone, R; Steiner, M; McMillan, V; Roberts, MJournal Article
16-Jul-2019Lowering blood pressure after acute intracerebral haemorrhage: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis using individual patient data from randomised controlled trials participating in the Blood Pressure in Acute Stroke Collaboration (BASC).Moullaali, TJ; Wang, X; Woodhouse, LJ; Law, ZK; Delcourt, C; Sprigg, N; Krishnan, K; Robinson, TG; Wardlaw, JM; Al-Shahi Salman, R; Berge, E; Sandset, EC; Anderson, CS; Bath, PM; BASC InvestigatorsJournal Article